Match Report

Another action packed match at Coaver, most of it coming from new league player Dongya Wang or Owen as he goes by. I see Owen is ranked 16th at the West Exe Club, I think he will be moving up a lot higher soon! Owen has a straightforward game, he sees the ball and hits it hard, especially his backhand reverse penhold shot and the short forehand flick. He revelled in the Coaver Club conditions, causing all the Coaver boys problems. He beat Dean Sully by continuing with his high risk big hits, even though 8-5 down in the 5th. At 9-8 down he had a piece of luck as his return of serve hit something on the table causing it to ping off at a ninety degree angle but he deserved his win. Also his answer to getting back Kev's serve was to try to hit it even harder! one on to seven off! You couldn't fail to hear him when he scored and he rattled a few chairs with his follow through after yet another massive hit. He has a nice catchphrase of 'One more' just when you think the knockup has finished and he certainly added to an entertaining if somewhat noisy evening.
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