Match Report

Coaver A completed their first half program with another good night of table tennis and another Kev Nicholls P.O.M. Naomi Jackson saved a match point in the closest match of the night to beat Dennis Gibbs 12-10 in the 5th, and with the fast improving Luke Bennett, brought the best out of Dennis Gibbs and Kev in the first doubles. Luke already has the ability to soak up big shots, and against the experienced Shaun Gibbs, he weathered the storm to come back from 2 down making Gibbs try to hit even bigger shots, which he missed, and Luke took a very impressive win. Luke took the confidence gained from this win, and a good performance against Kev, against the even more experienced old man Gibbs. Gibbs senior was under pressure at times and dropped the 3rd end but took his time to eventually hit through a disappointed Luke. Luke soon got over it and offered Gibbs some of his sweets, which led to a bad rendition of Sugar Sugar by the Archies much to his bemusement! Quality match of the night was between Naomi and Kev, and although Naomi won some wonderful points, the game could be summed up with one point near the end where, although Naomi hit 8 full blooded hits, she couldn't get through Kev's magic retrieving. Our biggest 'Coaver' crowd of the season watched(2)! merry Christmas Dennis
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