Match Report

A totally different game to the one we played on Tuesday with no games going to 5 and plenty of time for a drink after. With injuries and non availability, Yannick came into the Coaver team and also coach Giles came along to help out. Mark was in scintillating form all night , taking a fine maximum including a brilliant loop to loop rally with Shaun and a massive forehand down the line against the same player to win the match, after Shaun had thought he had aced him serving a fast one down the line. Ian is always good value, especially when he has a rant to himself which always includes 'industrial language' with the word bald sandwiched in between. Ian made more serving errors than I have ever seen him do before, and after just losing a tight first leg with fellow ' chippy ' Shaun, he lost his rhythm completely to lose the last leg to a bagel. Coaver A were lucky to have access to Giles coaching and I can see why Yannick sometimes glazes over between legs! We needed someone like Giles to do the Brexit negotiations! Best match of the night was the final doubles where Shaun and Yan beat the previously undefeated pairing of Mark and Ian with an array of left and right handed loops
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