Match Report

 This is always an enjoyable game as we catch up on holidays, grandchildren and retirement talk, and there is always plenty of banter to look forward to! Rob troubled all the A team at times and started like a train against Kevin until he missed a couple and then the doubts started to creep in. They had the point of the night though, with Kev retrieving from all over as Rob pushed him ever wider until, when it looked as though he had the point won he unfortunately lost his footing and the second leg with it. Mike pushed Jon to 5 as the variation between short pips and smooth on Mike's bat caused Jon to mistime some shots and then hesitate, to allow Mike to dominate ( if only it was best of 3!) Penny was her usual tenacious self, never giving up, and is a role model for showing determination. She combined with Rob in the last doubles to take the second leg off Jon and Kev 19-17 saving several game points and looked on the up until Jon (sporting his third Newton Abbot shirt of the night) hit top form as the A team took 7 points on the run to win the match
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