Bridle Cup Update including semi-final draw

Semi-final draw

Cranbrook            v     West Exe G ;
Okehampton A     v     West Exe F ;

to be played by March 2nd if possible.

 Documents can be found below or from the Play tab of the Home page.

Quarter-final draw

 West Exe G v OSM C;

 West Exe F v West Exe E;

 Ottery A v Okehampton A;

 Cranbrook v  Coaver C.

 Documents can be found below or from the Play tab of the Home page.

Deadlines by when matches must be played and scorecards returned:

Q/finals:      Feb 2, 

S/finals:      March 2, 

Final:           March 30.


Second-round report

(Handicaps in brackets. Winners in bold).

West Exe E (276) 725 : 703 West Exe H (432)
West Exe G (416) 563 : 552 West Exe A (72)
Okehampton A (188) 668 : 611 Newton & Stoke Canon (308)
Cranbrook (388) 815 : 740 Moretonhampstead (348)
Wingfield C (240) 496 : 555 OSM A (80)
Exmouth C (352) 714 : 773 OSM C (336)
West Exe B (160) 523 : 533 Coaver C (100)
Wingfield A (136) 598 : 646 West Exe F (356)

For some odd reason, home advantage favoured the four teams in the top half of the draw, whereas those drawn away in the bottom half were the successful ones. There were no single-figure margins of victory in this round, nor any obvious pattern of results.
The draw for the quarter-finals has now been posted to the website, and teams are asked to ensure that all matches be played and results posted by Friday, February 2nd.  
Bob Landberger


Previous updates: second round draw (to be played by Fri 22 Dec)

West Exe E v West Exe H
West Exe G v West Exe A
Okehampton A v Newton & Stoke Canon
Cranbrook v Moretonhampstead
Wingfield C v OSM A
Exmouth C v OSM C
West Exe B v Coaver C
Wingfield A v West Exe F

Scorecards to be forwarded to Tony Sampson afterwards.



First round results

Here are the results from the first round: (Winners in Bold; initial handicap scores in brackets)
Met Office Eddies (384) 739 : 740 West Exe E (296)
Met Office Hurricanes (192) 672 : 685 West Exe H (432)
Exmouth B walk-over West Exe G
OSM B (196) 472 : 595 West Exe A (120)
Okehampton A walk-over Met Office Whirlwinds
Okehampton B (156) 627 : 629 Newton/Stoke Canon (320)
Met Office Cyclones (228) 672 : 793 Cranbrook (388)
Moretonhampstead walk-over Grecians B
West Exe D (208) 573 : 681 Wingfield C (224)
West Exe C (216) 540 : 547 OSM A (80)
Exmouth C (344) 804 : 738 Wingfield F (348)
OSM C (336) 645 : 615 Wingfield B (160)
Met Office Tornadoes walk-over West Exe B
Coaver C (100) 579 : 571 Grecians A (360)
Wingfield A (68) 548 : 526 Wingfield E (308)
West Exe F walk-over Okehampton C

Brief report of Bridle Cup first round
This was the first round of the competition in its new format, the aim of which is move the focus away from the individual performance. The focus is now solely the points totals of each team, with an attempt to balance out the differences in ability through the handicap system.  
The major revisions to the competition are as follows:
• Sets comprise of two legs, each played to 20 points
• Team handicaps calculated at the outset
• New scorecard
• Handicap system based on TTE rankings
• Fresh draw every round
As with anything in which there is considerable change, there will of course be teething problems, but so far we have received largely encouraging comments, with some perhaps not quite so encouraging.  
The first round produced some incredibly close results. West Exe E’s one-point victory over Met Office Eddies, and Newton & Stoke Canon’s two-point win against Okehampton B particularly caught the eye, along with single-figure wins for Ottery A and Coaver C, the latter  overhauling a deficit of 260 points by just 8. There were other monumental handicaps to overcome, a task just 13 points beyond Hurricanes, who started the match 240 behind, although Wingfield A, starting with an identical deficit, were able to overhaul their Division 3 stablemates. From that point of view, the new format can surely be deemed a considerable success, with the result hanging on the outcome of the very last leg in each match.
However, some matches were less tightly contested, with the handicap not exactly delivering the hoped-for outcomes. If a pattern emerges in which it is clear that there is a deficiency, we shall try our best to correct that in future seasons. The lower half of the scorecard will also be adjusted in time for the next round to enable both teams to record their players’ handicaps more clearly.  
Bob Landberger
Tony Sampson  

--earlier message--

First round Draw

Tony Sampson and Bob Landberger have done the first round draw which is:

  • Wingfield A v Wingfield E
  • Ottery St Mary B v West Exe A
  • Met Office Cyclones v Cranbrook
  • Met Office Eddies v West Exe E
  • Exmouth B v West Exe G
  • Coaver C v Grecians A
  • Okehampton A v Met Office Whirlwinds
  • West Exe C v Ottery St Mary A
  • Met Office Hurricanes v West Exe H
  • West Exe F v Okehampton C
  • Moretonhampstead v Grecians B
  • Exmouth C v Wingfield F
  • Okehampton B v Newton & Stoke Canon
  • West Exe D v Wingfield C
  • Met Office Tornadoes v West Exe B
  • Ottery St Mary C v Wingfield B

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