Annual Championships Sun 2 April Okehampton - entries to Mike Kavanagh

Entries have now closed with a good entry for all events. Venue will be open from 9am. Contact number for the day is Mike Kavanagh's M: 07811 296828. Expected start times for the day are:  Whitton  9.30 / Sanford  12.00  /  Veterans  11.40  / Creber  10.40 /  Wilkins  12.40 / Ladies  dbls  14.00 / Mens  dbls  14.20  / Mixed  dbls  16.00. 

Light refreshments will be available at the venue. Trophies will be presented at Finals Night.

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Please note a change of address details: entries should be sent (by 19 March) to Mike Kavanagh rather than the address in the handbook. Contact details are:

Mike Kavanagh
2 Limes Cottages, Exminster
M: 07811 296828


Entry form: AnnChampsEntryForm2017.doc

Tournament will take place at Okehampton TTC, Castle Road, Okehampton on Sun 2 April 2017 starting at 9.30am. Hot and cold drinks and light snacks can be bought at the venue. Free Car Park.

Please use Mike Kavanagh's mobile if needed as the emergency contact for the day (e.g. travel delays).





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