Special General Meeting on Match Formats Mon 22nd June Heavitree Social Centre

The Committee has called a Special General Meeting on match formats for Mon 22nd June at 7.30pm at Heavitree Social Centre. All clubs need to be represented.

The agenda which can be found at sgm_agenda.doc is focused on rule change proposals with the intention to shorten matches. Please see below a copy of the message previously sent out to members.

Message previously e-mailed to members

Dear members

Thank you again for your responses to our consultation on match format.

After considering those responses and comments, the Exec committee has decided to call a Special General Meeting on Mon 22 June (7.30pm at Heavitree Social Club) to vote on proposals concerning  the match format (see the bottom of the message). At this SGM all clubs will need to be represented.

As expected, the consultation showed that there is a range of views in the League on these issues. 

On finish time, there seems a reasonable consensus for matches ideally finishing 10-10.30pm (very few wanted to finish at 11pm). However on the preferred number of sets we are evenly divided, with 40% wanting 10 sets and 40% wanting to keep the 12 sets. 

Looking in more detail at the responses it is clear that there is a trend with age or retirement status. For U60 players we found that only 28% wanted to keep the 12 sets and for U40 age-group this went down to 11%. From comments the reasons are not too hard to find.  A number of working-age people (though not all) said that the current finish times are very difficult for them. On the other hand doubles is particularly popular with older members, some of whom are not bothered about finish times.

We accept that the question of juniors is complex. However we are clear that playing in the league needs to be a reasonably good experience for people of working age including younger adults. We believe that building up our strength  in this age category is really essential to the future of the League.

We also accept that we can do a bit better on timekeeping, but having tried before this may not fully address the issue of match-length.

In summary we believe we need to find better ways to make the EDTTL playing experience work for a range of ages, and ask all to consider seriously the proposals.

Outline SGM Agenda

The SGM agenda will include first of all a brief presentation of the survey outcomes with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the various considerations.

The committee will then put to the SGM proposals

1.       To shorten the match format to 10 sets, 9 singles and 1 doubles.

2.       Alternatively,  to keep the 3 doubles but play those to best-of-3.

We will shortly circulate the proposals in detail, and will also put more info on the league website.

Thank you again for your responses and your engagement with the future of the League

Steve and Penny

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