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Dear members and friends

We are working hard on match results. In doing so we've encountered some membership issues. Although now only a small number are now outstanding, even one membership issue in a match can affect the match card.

So.. please be aware that any membership issues are liable to delay match reporting, and help us to keep this ship-shape with any new registrations.

The main things to remember are:

  • players need Playing membership of Table Tennis England
  • they need to be linked to Exeter so we can see them

If players believe a player is paid but we can't see them, then please quote the membership number (or at a pinch Date of Birth); we can then ask Table Tennis England to try to find the player.

When seeking to register new players we would ask you (where at all possible) to create the membership record first (after agreeing between club and player who should do this). As explained below you can do this initially unpaid, and do not need committee approval at this stage. This should reduce the delays for us all.

Creating a new Table Tennis England membership record

1. Check whether you have an existing membership number from last season (if so use that!)

2. Agree between club and player who creates the record (if necessary) and who pays the TTE membership fee.

3. Go onto and follow the membership link. (Note that you can return to that link later to update details or to pay or upgrade membership, e.g. from Associate to Player).

4. Follow Existing member or New member options as appropriate

5. If New member, enter details -see (fictitious) example below. If the club is doing this please check that you have accurate details including name spelling!


6. Click the green Register button and then complete the Registration as follows, selecting Exeter via Profile  and then My Relationships, as below. The menu on the right gives you the option to add Leagues or Clubs. Please note that we are Exeter, the city, 6 letters! - you need to scroll most of the way down the menu.


7. If you wish, you can then Logout and pay later (when the committee has approved the player for our league).

8. Please tell us you have Registered and give us the membership number (just in case for any reason we can't see it)

Thanks for your help and best wishes for the season


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