League Update 2018

JLM Owls beat local rivals JLM Dragonflies 6-4 In Evesham and District Basepoint Division 1. Chris Lane and Stephen Foster had wins for Owls against Stephen Glazzard and Mark Thomas but both lost to Kevin Taylor. Stuart Greene beat Glazzard and Taylor but lost to Thomas. Taylor and Glazzard won the doubles for Dragonflies, beating Foster and Greene 3-2.

Wyre Elite have 9 wins from 15 matches played this season after a 6-4  victory over Bengeworth Purple, who were missing a player. Elite’s Chris Gooderham and Graham Fisher both beat Aileen Phillips and lost to Dougie Allan. Darrell Wiltshire beat Allan but lost to Phillips. Allan and Phillips won the doubles 3-1 against Fisher and Gooderham.

Littleton Positives had a straightforward 10-0 win against bottom team JLM Sunrisers. Nick Mytton, Doug Payne and Rob Poole beat Stef Mytton, Mandy Sylvester and Jonathan Lyons.


Littleton Dolphins have an unassailable lead in Evesham & District Basepoint Division 2 with two matches left to play. Dolphins picked up their 18th win of the season by beating second-placed Littleton Cobras 8-2.  Vladimir Averin maintained his 100% record for Dolphins with victories over Alex Emms, Luke Fisher and Jamie Haines. Alex Emms replied by becoming the first player this season to beat Dolphins’ Murat Shafigullin. Emms also beat Jamie Chinn-Brown in straight sets.


Littleton Bears had a useful win against third-placed JLM Eagles, winning 6-4. Paul Bruner won 3 for Bears. Greg Bruner had wins against Joan Parfitt, Harry Azima and David Lincoln-Lewis. Greg Bruner beat Parfitt and Lincoln-Lewis but lost to Azima. Azima, Lincoln-Lewis and Parfitt all beat Graham Jackson, setting up a chance to force a draw in the doubles. The Bruners secured the win for Bears by beating Lincoln-Lewis and Azima  3-2.


Bengeworth Pandas’ close match against Littleton Bears finished 5-5. Margaret Dignum was player of the Match with wins against both Bruners and Graham Jackson. John Buxton beat Greg Bruner and Graham Jackson. Pandas needed the doubles for the win. Buxton and Dignum went two sets up, but the match turned after the Bruners won the third set 18-16. Bears then pushed on to win 3-2.

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