Dear members,

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the launch on Monday at our new practice venue in Ely College. It was great to see so many people, including some new faces. There were a few teething problems but we hope to sort those out over the next week or two and make the most out of the extra space.


The Club Committee met this week to discuss feedback from the new venue and club finances. Hall hire and coaching costs at both Witchford and Littleport have been subsidised by the club since the end of the Sport England grant funding. The committee agreed that the club needs to confidently be in a stable financial position for the next year or two while continuing to offer members value for money. The committee have therefore agreed to increase the adult practice fee from £4 to £5 from next Monday 14th at Ely College and from Thursday 17th at Littleport Leisure Centre. The junior practice fee (under 18) will remain at £2 at both venues. This will be reviewed again at the AGM in July, by which time we should have a clearer idea of regular income.


We hope an extra £1 for two hours sport, including top rate coaching, will not stop anyone attending. Most of the other local sports and fitness classes are charging £5 to £6 for an hour.


I will be on the front desk at Ely College from 7pm collecting practice fees as people come in. With increasing numbers it is proving harder to track everyone down and collect money. Please come and find me if you arrive earlier or later. We hope to offer other forms of payment in the future, such as by Paypal on our website. We also need your name recorded on the register as a matter of health & safety please.


Kevin has taken on a new job and will not be able to start his one-to-one coaching sessions at Ely until after 6.30pm. However, we will still be offering juniors the opportunity to receive informal coaching and free play until those sessions begin. Please remember to put your name up on the white board when you arrive. From Monday we will revert back to our previous session times – Juniors only 6 to 7pm, Juniors and adults 7 to 8pm, adults only 8 to 9pm.


We are also organising a rota for members or parents/guardians who are able to help set up Ely College hall at 5.45pm. Initially we need names of a few adults who are available for the first hour, or until Kevin arrives. You will need to help move 4 tables from the store cupboard and into the hall. Juniors can help fit the nets and set up surround barriers but they must not move the tables. Clive and Rob will be there this Monday but if you are able to help on any of the following dates then please let me know asap - 14th, 21st, 28th January and 4th February. We really appreciate your support.


Don’t forget to follow or share links on the clubs social media. Clive posted a video and photos this week of the Ely session, go check it out.


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Best wishes


Karen Byford

Club Secretary


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