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Dear Members,

The Committee would like to apologise for any inconvenience to players at our practice sessions at Witchford over the past few weeks. The College, without advance notice, removed two of their tables due to health and safety issues. We respect that safeguarding is a priority and the tables were a hazard when setting up or down. This has limited table time for everyone and caused a little more standing around in between the 15 minute slots.

In light of this, the Committee are actioning a 6 week scheme, starting on Monday 8th October at Witchford and Thursday 11th October at Littleport. Sessions will commence at 6.00pm for Juniors only and will hopefully include coaching too. Adult players will start at 7pm as usual with an overlap of one hour so juniors and adults can play against each other. However, from 8pm to 9pm it will be adults only.

We hope this helps to ease the situation and allows everyone to have plenty of opportunity to get one to one coaching as well as practice and match play. The practice fee at both venues will remain the same at £2.00 for juniors and £4.00 for adults but hopefully will offer better value for money.


We are looking for a few adult member volunteers who can help at Witchford on Mondays starting 8th Oct to set up 3 or 4 tables at the far end of the hall, just before 6pm, and over see the junior practice session until 7pm. Depending on availability, we hope that Kevin will also be there at 6pm to offer coaching. The remaining tables can be set up by members arriving at 7pm. Juniors MUST NOT move the tables under any circumstances, but can assist by positioning barriers and fitting nets. Please email me if you can be there for one, or all of the Monday sessions between 8th Oct and 12th November. We would really appreciate your time and support. If this is a success, then the Committee will decide whether to continue with the earlier start time, or have a separate Junior practice night.

The Club are also purchasing two brand new tables which should arrive within the next few weeks and further ease pressure by allowing more table time.

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