The Closed Tournament is the highlight event of the season in every league but few players turned up.

The men's final was as good as the scorecard suggests.  In the last game Phil Hague was 5-1 down and an edge against him made it 6-1 but he then rallied. Still trailing, but only by a point, at 9-8 he went for the big shot but did not quite pull it off. Nathan then closed off the final point with some more brilliant play.

As regards the handicap Singles, Ed Garrett-Jones played well to reach the final.

Finally, the men's doubles.
A superb backhand smash "out of nowhere" (that is, totally unexpected) to gain the last point of the deciding game was a fitting way to end a tense and exciting men's doubles final.

Congratulations to Phil Hague who left the tournament with two winners awards and a  runners-up.  He also played brilliantly, playing off scratch in the handicap. (He must have been very tired afterwards, especially remembering that he is a veteran.)

General Sec: Peter Diver


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