Jim West Handicap Cup 1st Round

The 1st Round draw for the Jim West Handicap Cup, to be played week commencing Monday November 19th, is as follows.

Eastbourne Borough E v Eastbourne Borough B. St Michaels B v BYE. Ministries D v Hailsham A.

Hailsham E v Bishopstone A. Willingdon v Polegate D. St Michaels A v BYE. Eastbourne Borough D v Polegate E.

Ministries A v BYE. Polegate A v Polegate F. Polegate B v Bishopstone B. Hailsham C v Ministries C.

Willingdon Stoolball v BYE. Polegate C v Hailsham B. Eastbourne Borough A v Eastbourne Borough F.

Eastbourne Borough C v BYE. Hailsham D v Ministries B.

Possible highlight of the draw ? Martin Kellaway giving his son Nalin an 8 point start !!!!! 

Rule Amendments.

Playing order has changed, with fewer games it will be not such a race to get matches finished.

Details are on the result sheet.

Players CAN play up for a higher team within their club, but must adopt the handicap rating of the player they are replacing. In ALL games, as soon as one player/doubles pair reaches 10, you change ends. In the doubles, at 10 not only do you change ends but the service receiving pair change the order of receiving. 

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