Main Club Contacts.

Ministries. Tony Power 01323642537.

Hailsham. Tim Hanford 01323841203.

Eastbourne Borough. Martin Kellaway 01323891372.

Laughton. Malcolm Barber 07966512272.

Willingdon. Alan Hooker 01323483576.

Polegate. Mike Savill 01323506255.

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Oct 29th, Ministries D v Bishopstone B, Eastbourne Borough D v Hailsham D, Eastbourne Borough F v Polegate E and Eastbourne Borough E v Ministries C, Oct 30th, St Michaels B v Polegate F, Oct 31st, Hailsham E v Ministries B.
Byes to Quarter Finals, Polegate C and Polegate D.
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19th Oct, Laughton v Eastbourne Borough B, 16th Oct, Willingdon Stoolball v Hailsham B and St Michaels A v Hailsham C, 15th Oct, Ministries A v Bishopstone A. 30th Oct Polegate A v Willingdon and Polegate B v Eastbourne Borough C.
Byes to Quarter Finals, Eastbourne Borough A and Hailsham A.
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