1st Team Wins League Title

Our Elstree & Borehamwood 1st team in the Barnets League Premier Division won the league title for the 2nd year in a Row.

However unlike last season where we won the title by a large margin, this season we had strong competition mainly in the form of Exiles 1.

Throughout the season the two teams jockyed for position and were constantantly yo-yoing in and out of 1st place. However, in the end we won at a point when we had played all our matches but Exiles 1 still had a couple of outstanding games to play. By then we had done enough to win by 1 point even if Exiles had gained maximum points in their final 2 matches. Exiles 1, now unable to take the title, were a little more relaxed in their final matches and thherefore ended up in second place, 7 points below us.

All our 1st team played with passion and gusto throughout the season and this must surely have been instrumental in helping us gain 1st position.

Below (In alphabetical order) is a list of our 1st team players who played in this team throughout the season:

Eli Baraty

Guy Ben-Aroya

Carl Breindel

Joe Kaye

Oamr Khassal

Rafi Marom

Darren Reed

Jackie Wang


Author: via Elstree and Borehamwood Table Tennis Club
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