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On 25th May 2018 new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force which basically outlines the privacy rights of every EU citizen and the ways in which an individual’s ‘Personal Data’ can and can’t be used.

Personal data is information about an individual such as Name, Address, Phone No., Email Address and may also includes special categories of personal data including gender, age, Nationality, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

The law puts the onus on the person or entity that collects a person’s information (Data Controller) to comply with the legislation and to demonstrate compliance and failure to comply with the GDPR could result in the risk of incurring fines.

GDPR sets out rules about how personal Information can be obtained, how it can be used and how it is stored. Sports clubs such as the Draycott & Long Eaton TT Club often collects the data of its members and players via Membership Forms, texting or messaging systems, email lists, team sheets or Junior Coaching Squad Details forms,  Training Attendance lists and information captured on websites.

Should a member consent to the holding of his or her data, this must now be communicated to them at the time the data is obtained. Clubs and leagues must explain to members the legal basis for the use of the data. There are many legal grounds for using personal data such as ‘performance of contract’ and the ‘legitimate interest’ of the person who collects it. If relying on the member’s consent to use data, it should be easy for an individual to withdraw their consent and the chance to review their consent should be given on a regular basis such as annual renewal of Membership. Data must also be kept safe and secure and must be kept accurate and up to date.

With regard to our Junior Players the Draycott & Long Eaton Table Tennis Club takes children’s data protection seriously and the GDPR’s rules require the consent of a parent or guardian to record and process children’s data.  Children aged 16 or older may give consent for the processing of their personal data themselves however the Club will make ‘reasonable efforts’ to verify that consent has been given or authorised by the holder of parental responsibility wherever this is available.

The Club must also protect the rights of individuals and all members have the right to have information erased, inaccuracies corrected and have the ability to object to direct marketing.

The Draycott &Long Eaton TT Club has appointed a Data Protection Officer which is Club Chairman Dave Greaves  - email  dave_greaves1964@yahoo.co.uk and takes the view that as you are asked to renew your membership each year, you do so on the understanding that the Club will keep you informed of any events and will send you information pertaining to the Clubs activities.

 It also accepts that, as a Club for Table Tennis you will be interested in Table Tennis matters.

The Draycott & Long Eaton Table Tennis Club has drawn up a GDPR Data Privacy Policy which is available to read on both the Club’s Notice Board and also on the Club’s Website www.dlettc.co.uk which covers the following:

•       The GDPR covers the protection of Draycott and Long Eaton TT Club members regarding the processing of their personal data.

•       The Draycott and Long Eaton TT Club have an obligation to protect this data.

•       The Draycott and Long Eaton TT Club will hold Club Members' details securely on a database that is    password-protected.

•       The information held will be controlled by the authorised members of the Club’s Management Committee.

•       Club Members' details will be used to contact them regarding information pertaining to the Draycott and Long Eaton TTC and their membership, as well as any table tennis matters that the Committee feels are of interest to the Club’s membership.

•       Club Members will be able to opt-in to any general marketing information that the Club, from time to time, may circulate.

For more details - please address any questions, comments and requests regarding our data processing practices to the Club’s Data Protection Manager  Dave Greaves  email  -   dave_greaves1964@yahoo.co.uk     

To view the Draycott & Long Eaton Table Tennis Club - Data Privacy Policy please click on the link below

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Club - DLETTC Data Privacy Policy.docx   





































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