British League - First Weekend for B 2 Division

B - 2 Rounds 1 to 4 on 10th September 2016.

Rounds 1

Home TeamScore-ScoreAway Team
Archway Peterborough3-7XLNT Sports DRaycott IV
Burton Uxbridge3-7Woodfield I
Cardiff City TTC II5-5Wood Green I
Dong Energy Grimsby5-5Nottingham Sycamore III

Round 2

Home TeamScore-ScoreAway Team
Nottingham Sycamore III2-8Cardiff City TTC II
XLNT Sports Draycott IV3-7Dong Energy Grimsby
Woodfield I6-4Archway Peterborough II
Wood Green I5-5Burton Uxbridge

Round 3

Home TeamScore-ScoreAway Team
Archway Peterborough II3-7Wood Green I
Burton Uxbridge6-4Nottingham Sycamore III
Cardiff City TTC II5-5Dong Energy Grimsby
XLNT Sports Draycott IV5-5Woodfield I

Round 4

Home TeamScore-ScoreAway Team
Dong Energy Grimsby5-5Burton Uxbridge
Cardiff City TTC II4-6XLNT Sports Drycott IV
Wood Green I5-5Woodfield I
Nottingham Sycamore III2-8Archway Peterborough II

League Table

Woodfield I12206
Dong Energy Grimsby21305
Wood Green I31305
XLNT Sports Draycott IV42115
Cardiff City TTC II51214
Burton Uxbridge61214
Archway Peterborough II71032
Nottingham Sycamore III80131
Graham Gobey
Author: via Draycott and Long Eaton Table Tennis Club
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