Summer League - Handicap Singles 1St Round Results

Handicap Singles Group Results - 23rd June 2016.

The Winner and Runner up from each group will take part in the Knockout Event that will take place

on Thursday 4th August 2016.

The count back system to resolve the group rankings had to be used on Groups 1 and 8. Group 1 was easy

because Gordon beat Richard in their match. Group 8 had a triple tie between Bill, Stuart and Gary. Bill beat

Gary 2 - 0 but lost 1 - 2 to Stuart giving a 1.5 rating. Stuart beat Bill 2 -1 but lost to Gary 1 -2 giving a 1.0 rating.

Gary lost to Bill 0 - 2 but beat Stuart 2 - 1 giving a 0.66 rating.

Group 1PldWonLostGroup 2PldWonlost
Gordon Taylor431Paul Chadwick440
Richard Morton431Bob Higgins431
Philip Foulds422Martin Sharples422
Abhi Rao423Richard McCristal413
Aline Nixon404Melanie Devlin404

Group 3PldWonLostGroup 4PldWonlost
James Durham330Theresa Richardson440
Simon Varley321Guan Zhang431
Graham Gobey312Roy Greenhalgh422
Dave Peacock303Trevor Tayles413
Cliff Richards404

Group 5PldWonLostGroup 6PldWonlost
Malcolm Truman330Viv Rayson330
David Pegg321Andrew Coupe321
Gary Carr312David Holness312
Stuart Levene303Steve Cooper303

Group 7PldWonLostGroup 8PldWonlost
Tony Parker330Bill Kwan431
Brian Heffernan321Stuart Uprichard431
Zia Kashefii312Gary Holyoak431
Graham Hesketh303Graham Whittaker413
Roy Croft404

Graham Gobey, Draycott Table Tennis Centre

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