3rd Christmas Veterans Ratings Tourament

Draycott Veterans Ratings Tournament


Held at Draycott Table Tennis Centre on Tuesday 27th December 2016


          This is the 3rd time we’ve run a Veterans Ratings Tournament just after Christmas and they’ve all been fully subscribed. This format as both winners and losers, the winners are the lowest rated player in a group who can only win more ranking points whilst the losers are the highest ranked player who can only, potentially, lose ranking points. It says a lot about the players in our sport that not one of those players failed to turn up and they continued to take part in our Competition even when they knew they were top of their Group.

          As usual we had players E Mailing us right up to the eve of the Tournament trying to enter, the only guarantee of a place is to get your entry in early. This lesson is being learned, 30 copies of entry forms for our Tournament next April were snapped up on the day.

          The disappointing part is that we still get instances of players failing to turn up, fortunately there was only one this time. The individual concerned didn’t let us know so that we could arrange for another player to take their place but as well we had accepted his entry with the assurance that he would pay his entry fee on the day of the Tournament.

          Group 1 – as usual with the top group it came down to match No. 28 between Chris Clinton and Dave Randerson and whoever won would top the table. Dave was the main winner in terms of ranking points as he was 6th of the list of 8 Players.

          Group 2 – a tie for first place between Richard Hayes and Miroslav Sonnenfield was resolved in Richards favour as he won their ‘head to head’ match. Third went to Bogoslaw Okonek but 4th was a 4 way tie which was resolved using the count back ystem.

          Group 3 – this was basically a ‘2 horse race’ between Hemel Raval and Les Baker with Hemel topping the table. This group finished with only 6 players as Andy Portlock had to pull out after his first match with a recurring knee injury.

          Group 4 – Nigel Metcalfe topped the table with Mohammed Shabir close behind and Keith Philips slotting into 3rd place. Anthony Isaac turned up but had to scratch due to injury.

          Group 5 – this Group was won by Dennis Bromage after a count back with Henry Arthur, their deciding match was their first match in the schedule. After that the other positions sorted themselves out without requiring the use of the count back system.

          Group 6 – Miles Benjamin won all 6 of his matches but it took 5 games to beat Colin Hamilton who was the runner up. 3rd and 5th positions had to be resolved with a count back. Barry Russ had to withdraw with an injury after 5 of his matches of which he’d won 3.

          Group 7 – Pawel Lipiec topped the table winning all his matches with Ivan Warner coming 2nd only 1 win less. 3rd position needed a count back between 3 players with Steve Procter coming 3rd, Chetwin Eastman 4th and Viv Rayson 5th.

          Group 8 – this Group didn’t need any count backs with Michael Garrett 1st, Richard Horsfield 2nd and Raju Rahul 3rd.

          General comment – of the 9 players without any ranking points who entered 6 won 3 or more of their matches which will earn them 100 ranking points, a step on to the ranking ladder. Those players are Ivan Warner, Michael Garrett, Richard Horsfield, Raju Rahul, Brian Canavan and Jeff Budd.

Graham Gobey, Event Organiser.

Author: via Draycott and Long Eaton Table Tennis Club
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