Summer League - Final Results

Final Weeks Results - 23rd July 2015.

Home TeamScore-ScoreAway Team
The Association5-5Not a Chance
The No Hopers7-3The Dream Team
The Loughborough Mob7-3The Tree Loppers
Theresa's Lot2-8The Sponsors Group
Merlin6-4The Rolls Royce Crew

Final League Table.

PosTeamPWDLGames DiffPoints DiffPTS
2The Rolls Royce Crew106225212614
3The Sponsors Group10442181512
4The Tree Loppers103521923811
5The Loughborough Mob10514-19311
6The Mis-Matched105052016310
7Theresa's Lot10325-14-1908
8The Association10325-24-1848
9The Dream Team10325-25-1778
10The No Hopers10235-47-757
11Not a Chance10217-56-1635

Having topped the League table from the very start The Rolls Royce Crew were finally deposed by Merlin. It was an hard fought match which wasn't decided until the 9th match.

I'd like to thank all the Players that have taken part this year for their co operation and the sporting way they conducted all their matches.

Any Player who has any comments on how the Competition can be improved in future years please feel free to contact me with their thoughts which will be treated as a private conversation.

Graham Gobey, Draycott Table Tennis Centre.

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