Draycott Veterans Ratings Tournament

                    The tournament comprised 4 men's group of 7 Players and one Ladies group and one men's group of 6 players. We had originally scheduled this tournament for next Sunday 10th May but when the VETTS National Championship was put onto the calendar we realised that it would have a serious effect on the possible number of entries. We therefore bought it forward a week and the confusion this caused seems to have resulted in a lower entry.

                    Despite the above the standard of competition was very close such that groups 2, 3, 4 and 5 needed to be resolved by 'count backs'. Group 2 needed a C/B for 2nd, Group 3 needed C/B for 1st and 3rd, Group 4 needed C/B for 2nd involving 3 players and Group 5 needed C/B to resolve 1st.

Group Results

          Ladies Group                                                  Matches Won

                              Winner           Sue Horton                     4

                              Runner Up     Dot MacFarlane              4

                              3rd                  Christine Scaysbrook     3

                              4th                   Jo Outhwaite                  2

                              5th                   Marion Dixon                 2

                              6th                   Jacqueline Flavell           0

          Its been  over a year since we've had a Ladies Group and out of the 15 matches 3 went to 5 games and 3 went to 4 games. Sue, Dot and Jo have been to our Tournament before and we're hoping that they and the 3 newcomers had a satisfying competition that will make them want to come again.

          Group 1                                                            Matches Won

                              Winner           Adrian Pilgrim                 6

                              Runner Up     Tomasz Rzeszotko           5

                              3rd                  Mark Green                     4

                              4th                   Alan Cherry                     2

                              5th                   Mark Land                       1

                              6th                   Hon Kau Choy                  1

                              7th                   Stephen Horton               1

          Whenever we have a group containing Adrian and Tomasz the group winner is the one who wins when they meet in the final match which Adrian won being taken to dueces in the 5th. There were eight 5 set matches and six 4 set matches in this group. Stephen Horton was involved in four 5 set and one 4 set match which caused him to scratch from his final match due to exhaustion.

          Congratulations to Adrian for being selected to play in The Six Nations Competition to beheld in the Isle of Man on September 12th and 13th.

          Group 2                                                                Matches Won

                              Winner            Michael Bradbury            5

                              Runner Up      Andy Frain                        4

                              3rd                  Patrick Glynn                     4

                              4th                   Michael Wilcockson         3

                              5th                   Ken Read                          2

                              6th                   Wayne Glossop                 2

                              7th                   Keith Bradshaw                1

          This hotly contested group featured 2 players, Andy Frain and Patrick Glynn, who were first timers at our Tournament and we now hope to see them become regulars.

          Group 3                                                                Matches Won

                              Winner           Richard Hayes                    4

                              Runner Up     Rajinder Singh                   4

                              3rd                  Dean Rose                          3

                              4th                  Les Baker                            3

                              5th                  Ken Lewis                            1

                              6th                  Andrew Middleton             0

          Ths group also featured 2 players, Richard Hayes and Rajinder Singh, who were appearing in our Tournament for the first time so to come 1st and 2nd respectively was a good performance.

          Group 4                                                                Matches Won

                              Winner           Neil Hough                          5

                              Runner Up     Alex Aston                           4

                              3rd                  Mohammed Shabir            4

                              4th                   Richard Abrahams             4

                              5th                   Michael Loveder                 2

                              6th                   Chris Francis                       1

                              7th                   Mark Kinlocke                     1

          This group contained players who regularly enter our Tournament and the outstanding performance was Alex Aston coming 2nd.

          Group 5                                                                   Matches Won

                              Winner            Anthony Brown                    5

                              Runner Up      John Ibbs                              5

                              3rd                  Geoff Hancock                      3

                              4th                   Nick Heaps                           3

                              5th                   William Fletcher                   2

                              6th                   Fahad Sacoor                        2

                              7th                   Mark Balant                           1

          Two newcomers to our Tournament, Anthony Brown and Nick Heaps, gave creditable performances especially Anthony(Ally) just piping John Ibbs one of our very regular entrants.

Comment - all players seem to enjoy this format as it give a full day of very competitive table tennis but evn so there are always winners and losers. The most likely losers are the players with the most ranking points in each group as they can only potentially lose points. Talking to players on this subject reveals that it is a concern but the level of competition and the camaraderie that developes in the group during the event seems to outweigh those concerns.

Action Pictures are available on the Gallery tab for the majority of players as well as pictures of each group presentation to winners and runners up. Grateful thanks for those pictures which were taken by Michael Loveder, the quality is outstanding even though he was only going to take occasional snaps when he came for our tournament.

Graham Gobey, Draycott Table Tennis Centre

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