Draycott Over 50s lose the Morecott Cup

Sycamore TT Club versus Draycott TT Club

On Wednesday 29th April 2015 Sycamore entertained Draycott in a table tennis match.  The match consisted of five teams of two players per team played over five sets per game.

The match was played in a very friendly and competitive spirit; fiercely contested by all the players which were displayed in the results that are detailed below.

Table One

Sycamore were represented by Vin Dinh Dam and Bill Ainsworth  with Draycott being represented by David Holness  and Paul Chadwick .

Vin Dinh Dam versus David Holness       scores  11/4    11/9    11/2

Bill Ainsworth versus Paul Chadwick       scores   9/11  11/5    11/6    12/10

Doubles                                                         scores 11/8    10/12    7/11  11/3    11/8

Vin Dinh Dam versus Paul Chadwick       scores 10/12  11/3    11/6    11/4

Bill Ainsworth versus David Holness        scores 11/4    11/9    11/7

The match was very closely contested with Sycamore being stronger of the two teams, perhaps home advantage counted this time.

Match score          Sycamore 5          Draycott 0 

Table Two

Sycamore was represented by Angela Smith and Norman Fowler with Draycott being represented by Dave Wilson and Lew Chadwick.

Angela Smith versus Dave Wilson           scores    7/11    3/11  11/7      7/11

Norman Fowler versus Lew Chadwick    scores 11/6    10/12  11/13    8/11

Doubles                                                        scores   7/11    2/11    5/11

Angela Smith versus Lew Chadwick        scores 12/10  11/7      8/11  11/5

Norman Fowler versus Dave Wilson       scores   9/11    2/11  11/5      7/11

A closely contested match with several games going to deuce but Draycott won the match overall. Dave Wilson won both his matches for Draycott.

Match score          Sycamore 1          Draycott 4 

Table Three

Sycamore were represented by Keith Adams and Ian Mackintosh with Draycott being represented by Derek  Hubbard and Martin Shaw.

Keith Adams versus Derek Hubbard        scores 11/4,   11/3,   11/4

Ian Mackintosh versus Martin Shaw        scores   7/11  17/19  11/8      6/11

Doubles                                                         scores 11/9      7/11  11/6    11/4

Keith Adams versus Martin Shaw             scores 11/5    11/7      8/11  11/4

Ian Mackintosh versus Derek Hubbard   scores 11/6    12/10 11/7

The match score would suggest that the Sycamore team were too strong for the Draycott team. Keith Adams was unbeaten in both of his matches for Sycamore.

Match score          Sycamore 4          Draycott 1 

Table Four

Sycamore were represented by Bryan Smith and Mike Hodgson with Draycott being represented by Graham Gobey and Phil Robinson.

Bryan Smith versus Graham Gobey         scores   9/11    9/11    6/11.

Mike Hodgson versus Phil Robinson        scores   8/11    8/11  11/7      7/11

Doubles                                                         scores 11/8      9/11  11/8    15/13

Bryan Smith versus Phil Robinson            scores   9/11  11/6    11/8    17/15

Mike Hodgson versus Graham Gobey      scores 11/6    13/11  13/11

As you can see from some of the game scores this match was very close indeed.  Sycamore managed to scrape a win in this match but how close were the scores in each of the games.

Match score          Sycamore 3          Draycott 2 

Table Five

Sycamore were represented by Janet Thomas and Paul Bloomer with Draycott being represented by Richard McCristal and Sue Gooch.

Janet Thomas versus Richard McCristal scores 11/7    11/9      5/11    9/11    5/11

Paul Bloomer versus Sue Gooch             scores 11/5    11/5    11/4

Doubles                                                        scores   9/11  11/9    11/8    11/9

Janet Thomas versus Sue Gooch             scores    5/11  11/7    11/2      7/11    5/11

Paul Bloomer versus Richard McCristal  scores 11/6      3/11  12/14  11/8      9/11

Another very closely contested match with a number of games being won on deuce or by just two points. Draycott won the match three to two but as you can see the result was in the balance right up until the last match.

Match score          Sycamore 2          Draycott 3

The overall match score turned out to be a win for Sycamore by three matches to two which meant that Sycamore regained the Morecott Cup.

On the conclusion of the match the teams retired to the kitchen area for a buffet; our thanks have to go to David and Mandy Guite for the provision of a splendid buffet.

A large thank you needs to go to the Sycamore/Draycott players for their help in setting up the tables and also clearing them away at the end of the match.

Finally our thanks should also go Dave Wright and his team of players from Draycott for a very entertaining and close fought match.  Long may they continue.

Bill Ainsworth, Sycamore Table Tennis Club.

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