Over 50 Club - Simulated Medical Emergency

                    Approximately 2.5 years ago a member of the Club collapsed and died on the premises and since that time they've taken steps to ensure that they can cope with any future emergency. They have trained 12 members in the correct use of a Defibrilator which the Exercise for the Heart Group allow them to have available for use if ever required. They have also trained a similar number in First Aid methods.

                    So that those that have been trained can test their knowledge they carried out an exercise today (Friday 24th April). A member was asked to simulate collapsing so that they could see how they coped with the incident. Another aim of the exercise was to make other members aware what they needed to do to help during such incidents.

                    The main driving force in getting the above training done as been Carolyn Tong and she is to congratulated on it. The membership had been warned that the execise would take place but only Carolyn and the 'volunteer' knew who would simulate collapsing.

                    The Club will carry out more such exercises but without prior warning.

Graham Gobey

Author: via Draycott and Long Eaton Table Tennis Club
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