Over 50s Drawn Doubles Tournament Results Update

          The format is to split the entry into 2 Groups with the better players in one group and the rest in the other Group. One player from each group is drawn out to form each team. The Groups are formed by groups of 5 as they are drawn out, ie the first 5 teams went into A Group.

Group A and B

                              B Group                                                                   A Group

                Malcolm Barlow & David Murden                                    Paul Chadwick & Ian Oliver

                 David Wright & Diana Chadwick                               Pauline Weir & Graham Whittaker

                     Bill Mason & John Outram                                        Jackie Meakin & Melanie Devlin

                     David Wilson & Roy Bayliss                                          David Holness & John Cope

                       Sue Gooch & Loris Brown                                         Alan Staniforth & Tom Dowers

Groups C and D

                              D Group                                                                    C Group

                        Guan Zhang & Geoff Kirk                                     Lew Chadwick & Avriel Merriman

                       Rod Winfield & Rob Gooch                                       John Cowell & Colin Bradford

                     John Maynard & Dave Taylor                                   Graham Gobey & David Peacock

                      Geoff Gow & Carolyn Tong                                          Martin Shaw & Jenny Atkin

                  Richard McCristal & Jill Winfield                                     Cliff Winfield & Bob Caves


Group Winners and Runners Up

Winners and Runners Up

         Winners - David Murden & Malcolm Barlow                    Runners Up - John Maynard & Dave Taylor

Graham Gobey, Draycott Table Tennis Centre

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