Draycott Summer League - Update9th April

Summer League 2015

          Those of you who have visited our website or seen the notice on the Clubs 'Latest News' notice board will be aware that I've asked Dave Greaves to assist me this year. Through no fault of his the response as been minimal, maybe previous entrants are waiting to find out who's running it.

          Despite my advancing years I'm still prepared to put myself through this arduous task once again and so I shall be sending out entry forms via E Mail today.

          At a minimal it will be the same format as last year and on the same day ie Thursday evening. Utilising teams of a minimum of 3 players using the Derby League system but as there was such a huge difference in player abilities I had to make it 3 games upto 21 to give enough range to set handicaps over.

          If I get enough entries of less experienced players I'm looking to set up a 2 tier system so that everybody gets a reasonable level of competition and hopefully less work for me setting handicaps.

          I also understand that there are several junior players from Draycott's coaching wanting to enter.

         its looking interesting already.

Update 25th March

          The aim is to sort teams etc out for a start on Thursday 7th May.

          The current entry list is at 20+ and we're actively pursuing a 2 tier system.

          To explain, we'd like a separate group for players with only a minimal, or even no experience, of competitive Table Tennis. That would allow that 2nd group to gain some experience and give the 1st group more meaningfull competition.

          Even with the 2 tier system Handicaps will still be needed but it should be possible to have a simplier system.

Update 27th March

          I currently have 24 for group A (max 40 approx) and 10 for group B (max 32).

Update 9th April

          I've currently got 35 for the 1st group and 12 for the second. Below see the proposed handicaps which will be based on  this seasons results. For each match start scores, the lower handicap will be deducted from the larger and that will be starting score for the player with the higher handicap.
Players with the same handicap will start at scratch. Players with negative handicaps the scores will have to stay 'as is'.
          I have set them so that those players on the highest handicap will have to score at least 3 points to beat a premier player which should be quite difficult.

                             Summer League Handicaps            
                                  2014/2015    Averages    
                          upto 40%    40%-60%    Over 60%
          Premier          0                -1                -2
          Div 1               2                 1                 0
          Div 2               4                 3                 2
          Div 3               6                 5                 4
          Div 4               8                 7                 6

Players without a current 'track record' will have to be estimated which I shall do after consulting with someone who knows their standard. Please let me know your comments.

Grahm Gobey, Draycott Table Tennis Centre.

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