Nottingham and District Table Tennis Tournament

This annual 2 day Tournament is currently underway at Draycott Table Centre with a very impressive entry list for day 1. There are 11 events scheduled for today resulting in the centre bursting at the seams with 58 players and 38 supporters.

The scheduled events are:-                                        Winners                          Runners Up

Under 12's Singles            17 entries              Naphong Boonyaprapa                      Jamie Lawson

Cadets (Mixed) Singles     32 entries               Naphat Boonyaprapa                   Naphong Boonyaprapa

Junior Boys Singles           30 entries               Naphat Boonyaprapa                            Tim Denby

Junior Girls Singles            11 entries                   Jessica Lindsay                              Amber Zygadlo

Junior Doubles                   20 teams      Naphat & Naphong Boonyaprapa       Amber Zygadlo/Tim Denby

Intermediate Singles         28 entries                       Tim Denby                              Naphat Boonyaprapa

Division 2 Singles               15 entries                   Michael Starzyk                               Alex Millward

Division 2 Doubles                8 teams         Alex Millward/Michael Starzyk          Finlay Hood/Angus Gray

Division 3 Singles                 5 entries                       Angus Gray                                  Finlay Hood

Division 3 Doubles                3 teams             Finlay Hood/Angus Gray        Hayden Saveal/Matthew Baumber

Saturday Handicap            56 entries                 Josh Chambers                                  Jack Finney

Drawn Doubles                                            Andreas Dickman/Max Stevens       Hannah Ward/John Denby


Sunday 1st February's Events starting at 9am.

                                                                    Winner                           Runner Up

Veteran's Over 40's Singles  22 entries                  Trevor Kerry                            Michael George

Veteran's Doubles                  11 teams       Tim Sheppard/Trevor Kerry        Hon Choy/Michael George

Veteran's Over 55's Singles   4 entries                 Michael Pestka                           Malcolm Truman

Premier Division Singles      30 entries                    John Taylor                                 Trevor Kerry

Division 1 Singles                 16 entries                Michael Starzyk                         Dougie Williamson

Ladies Singles                         7 entries                     Jo Green                                   Amber Zygadlo

Ladies Doubles                         4 teams        Amber Zygadlo/Lisa Lewis         Jessica Lindsey/Isabella Tyrell

Mixed Doubles                         7 teams            Jo Green/John Taylor                 Erin Green/Mark Green

Sunday Handicap                  22 entries                   Erin Green                             Dougie Williamson

HardBat                                  36 entries              Craig Feargrieve                             Trevor Kerry

Men's Singles                         36 entries                  John Taylor                                  Mark Green

Men's Doubles                       17 teams            Mark Green/John Taylor           Trevor Kerry/Tim Sheppard

Mystery Doubles                                     Dougie Williamson/Wayne Glossop   Josh Chambers/Mark Green

The annual Grand Presentation Night is to be held at The Victory Club, Beeston on Wednesday 13th May starting with a quiz at 8pm. Tickets cost £5 for adults and £3 for children under 16. The tickets can be obtained from Betty Godfrey by ringing 07958472292.

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