Over 50s - Jack Winder Memorial Tournament

The format of the Tournament is that the pairs will be formed by drawing 'out of the hat' then those pairs will be allocated an handicap depending on the combined abilities of the players in each pair. On Thursday morning the initial Draw took place.

The pairs have been placed in one of four Groups that will conduct a 'round robin' and the top 2 pairs from each group will then go to a final Knockout Competition.

Group 1                                                                        Handicap

                    Alan Staniforth & Roy Bayliss                       4

                    Bill Mason & Martin Shaw                             4

                    Pauline Weir & David Illingworth                 4

                    Diana Chadwick & Cliff Winfield                   8

                    Dave Taylor & Graham Gobey                      8

Group 2

                     Bernard Illingworth & John Maynard          4

                    Guan Wang & Dave Wright                            4

                    Lewis Chadwick & Malcolm Barlow              0

                    John Cope & Rose Alger                                13

Group 3

                    Brian Canavan & Jenny Atkin                           7

                    Dave Holness & Elaine Gilmour                      0

                    Tom Dowers & Bob Caves                               7

                    Geoff Gow & Phil Robinson                             0

Group 4

                    Dave Wilson & Keith White                              4

                    Jackie Meakin & Bob Higgins                           0

                    Avriel Merriman & Ernie Brown                      7

                    Paul Chadwick & Sue Gooch                            0

                   Jill Winfield & Carolyn Tong                              10

9:30am approx. for a 10am start for the round robin matches.

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