Over 50 Inter Club Match with Knighton Park

On Friday 12th September the latest annual Interclub Match between Draycott and Knighton Park Over 50's Groups took place at Draycott.

The Draycott team Players are pinching themselves in case they are dreaming, why Draycott won 4 -2 !

Past encounters have seen Knighton Park completely dominating the Matches, we've never won more than one rubber in past matches.


                                            Draycott                           Knighton Park

 1st rubber                   David Holness                     Steve Bessant                    Result    3 - 2

                                        Paul Chadwick                    Robert Geary       

 2nd rubber                  Rod Winfield                        John Bownes                     Result    0 - 5

                                        Alan Staniforth                    Tim Cawston

 3rd rubber                   David Wright                        Eddie Kwok                       Result      3 - 2

                                        Guan Wang                          Bill Warmsley

 4th rubber                   Brian Canavan                     Shusheel Kumar               Result      3 - 2

                                        Richard McCristal                Phil Wood

 5th rubber                   Bob Higgins                          Angela Bowness               Result      5 - 0

                                        Jackie Meakin                       Pat Evans

 6th rubber                   Derek Hubbard                     Peter Yau                          Result      0 - 5

                                        David Peacock                      Simon Taylor

1st rubber

This was a hard fought match which hinged on the doubles because Robert won both his singles and both David and Paul managed to beat Steve. This match had 3 five set matches and the other 2 went to 4 sets. In the doubles Draycott won the first set but Knighton hit back winning the next 2. The Draycott team play a lot of doubles and this was probably why they then managed to regroup and take the last 2 sets.

2nd rubber

John and Tim were far to strong for Rod and Alan, Draycott could only win 2 sets in the whole match.

3rd rubber

This was another hard fought match which was decided by the final match between Guan and Eddie who were both unbeaten at that point. Guan just lost the 1st set 10-12 but he then won the 2nd by the same score and then won the 3rd much easier 11-4. Eddie fought back to take the 4th 11-6 but the match was decided when Guan won the 5th by the same score. David and Bill's match was entertaining to watch as it developed into David putting hard shot to opposite corners on consecutive shots yet Bill doggedly getting them back. 5th set score was 17-15 to David.

4th rubber

Brian was the star of this rubber, he won both his matches in 3 sets then combined with Richard to win the doubles. Richard put up a spirited fight in the last match, taking Shusheel to 5 sets.

5th rubber

Whilst it looked to be an easy match for Draycott, Jackie had to survive two 5 set matches for that score to be achieved. Her 2nd match against Pat was especially tough because she lost the first 2 sets 6 and 10 but then took the last 3 sets 2, 8 and 6.

6th rubber

Whilst this looked an easy match for Knighton Park both their players had to win 5 set matches against Derek to achieve that result. Draycott also won the first set of the doubles and only lost after losing 12-10 in the fourth.

Match comment

Knighton Park's none playing Captain, Gordon Sanders made an entertaining speech in which he intimated that as it was Draycott's 25th anniversary they'd allowed Draycott to win. As can be seen there were 3 matches that could easily have been won by Knighton Park instead of Draycott so his comments were very 'tongue in cheek'. He then issued a warning about next years match, he said we should be 'afraid, very afraid'.

We'll see you next year Gordon !

Author: via Draycott and Long Eaton Table Tennis Club
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