The Jack Winder Memorial Ratings Tournament report

          This is the first time that we've run one of our Ratings Tournaments at this time of year. We normally run these events in the Spring and Autumn each year but we took the chance to run a tournament between Christmas and New Year.

          It can safely be described as a success because the entry of 58 Men and 7 Ladies initially meant that there was only room for 3 more ladies by Christmas. The weather since Boxing Day caused us to expect 'drop outs' and 'failures to turn up' and in the event we had 4 Men and 1 Lady informed us that they wouldn't be coming. As the groups had tentatively been set this meant some last minute adjustment was necessary then on the day another Man and Lady let us know that they couldn't make it. The result of this was that we had 5 groups of  8 and 2 groups of 7 in the Mens competition and only a group of 5 for the Ladies.

Group 1  (8 players)

Adrian Pilgrim, Mark Land, Ivan Lewis, Hon Kau Choy, Michael Bradbury, Simon Griew, Eddie Roofe and Stephen Robinson.

Winner - Adrian Pilgrim                    Runner up - Mark Land

Group 2  (7 players)

Andy Eagles, Dave Kelly, Chris Price, Ken Read, Roy Norton, Keith Bradshaw and Steve Fox.

In this group there was a 4 way tie and after Brian Savage(referee) and Malcolm Macfarlane checked the result sheets the result was declared as:-

Winner - Keith Bradshaw                  Runner up - Roy Norton

3rd place - Chris Price                       4th place   - Ken Read

Group 3  (8 players)

Richard Hayes, Stephen Brown, Les Baker, Andy Portlock, Malcolm MacFarlane, Richard Abrahams, Dean Rose and Paul Jennings.

Winner - Richard Hayes                    Runner up - Andy Portlock

Group 4  (8 players)

Andrew Middleton, Chris Francis, Ken Lewis, Dennis Bradshaw, Dennis Dromage, Tony Bartram, Alex Alston and Mohammed Shabir.

Winner - Dennis Bromage                Runner up - Mohammed Shabir

Group 5  (8 players)

Joe Zygadlo, Terry Willson, Neil Hough, Mark Kinlocke, Stuart Sykes, Murray Stephenson, Anthony Brown and Steve Proctor.

Winner -  Neil Hough                        Runner up - Murray Stephenson

Group 6  (8 players)

Mark Balant, Andrew Davies, Pete Davis, Barry Tasker, Fahed Sacoor, William Fletcher, Colin Richardson and Nick Heaps.

Winner - Colin Richardson               Runner up - Nick Heaps

Group 7  (7 players)

George Chan, Gary Jackson, Steve Kneller, Owen Malcolm, Michael Pickering, David Richardson and Jay Shah.

Winner - Gary Jackson                      Runner up - Michael Pickering

Group 8  (5 players) - Ladies

Jo Outhwaite, Betty Godfrey, Chrissy Sykes, Jacqueline Flavell and Isabelle Tyrrell.

Winner - Isobelle Tyrrell                   Runner up - Betty Godfrey

               The list below shows those previously Zero Rated Players who should be awarded 100 ranking

               points because they won at least 3 of their matches in the event.

                              Nick Heaps

                              Colin Richardson

                              Owen Malcolm

                              Michael Pickering

                              Gary Jackson

                               Jay Shah

                               Isabella Tyrell

               Note - these results are subject to TTE ratification.

A very welcome visitor during the afternoon was Mrs Ann Winder whose husband, Jack is who our Ratings Tournaments are dedicated to. Jack Winder was a very well known 'elder statesman' member of Draycott and Long Eaton Table Tennis Club who sadly passed away at the Club whilst taking part in an Over 50's Doubles Tournament. As can be imagined it has taken Mrs Winder some time before she could bring herself to visit our Club.

She has managed to do this several times in the last 6 months and the last occasion was to present a Cup, which she donated, to the winners of an Over 50's Doubles Tournament dedicated to Jack.

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