The MoreCott Cup - InterClub Match

On the morning of Tuesday 21st October the latest biannual encounter between the Over 50's Clubs of Draycott and Sycamore took place. These are always close affairs usually won by a deciding rubber and this encounter was no exception with Draycott winning by 3 - 2 in matches.

The format of the competition is 5 x 2 player teams that each team play 4 singles and a doubles. This format ensures that there must always be a positive result.


                                               Draycott                                           Sycamore

Team A                              David Wilson                                   Dinh Van Dam

                                           David Holness                                 Bill Ainsworth

Team B                              Keith Wright                                    John Slater

                                           Guan Zhang                                     Scott Spencer

Team C                              Bob Higgins                                     Keith Adams

                                           Rod Winfield                                    Lance Warren

Team D                             Lew Chadwick                                  Jackie Meakin

                                           David Wright                                    Ian MacIntosh

Team E                              Richard McCristal                            Paul Bloomer

                                           Martin Shaw                                     Hazel Connolly

Team A Match - Sycamore were much to stronger winning the match 4 -1 but David Holness managed to win this leg of his personal battles with Bill Ainsworth after a hard fought 5 set match.

Team B Match - Again Sycamore were far stronger winning the match 4 - 1, our only winner was Guan Zhang beating Scott Spencer over 4 sets.

Team C Match - Bob Higgins won both his matches and Rod Winfield beat Lance Warren giving a 3 - 2 result for Draycott.

Team D Match - Draycott was by far the stronger winning the match 5 - 0 but it was no walkover. David Wright won both of his matches in 3 sets but Lew Chadwick was pushed hard by Jackie Meakin taking him to 5 sets and Ian MacIntosh taking him to 4. The doubles also went to 5 sets.

Team E Match - with Paul Bloomer winning both his matches and Hazel Connolly losing both hers the result was down to which the team won the doubles and as Draycott managed that they won the match 3 - 2.

Match Comment.

Its almost a tradition that Sycamore have the best top players but Draycott have strength in depth and this encounter proved that because Sycamore won A and B matches and Draycott the rest. The result was in doubt right up to the last game of C match between Rod Winfield and Lance Warren which was witnessed by everyone as all the other matches had finished. The deciding factor giving Rod the win was his greater match experience.

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