2021 AGM

D&DTTL AGM 2021 minutes 

The AGM of the Diss and District Table Tennis League took place at 8:00pm on the 23rd August 2021 at The Saracens Head , Diss. 

Attending the meeting were David Mortlock, John Bryant, Paul Mortlock, Alan Levine and Stuart Filmer. 

Apologies were received from Pat West and Francis Webb. 

Prior to this meeting 4 teams had replied voting to keep the same committee positions as last year, so this was deemed to be nomination and seconding. However there were two committee members who are no longer playing ( Adrian Key and Alan Worthington). Therefore it was concluded that nominations for these two positions be considered. 

David Mortlock proposed Richard(Bill) Pursehouse and this was seconded by Paul Mortlock and Richard Pursehouse was elected as a committee member in his absence. 

Alan Levine was nominated by John Bryant and seconded by David Mortlock, Alan Levine was elected as a committee member. 

The election of officers for committee posts was as follows :- 

President -                     Francis Webb 

Chairman -                     David William Mortlock 

Vice Chairman -            John Bryant 

Treasurer -                     Paul Mortlock 

League Secretary -       Chris Willoughby 

Results Secretary -       John Bryant 

Press Secretary -          Stuart Filmer 

County Rep -                 Chris Willoughby 

Committee Members:   Pat West, Andrew Doe, Paul Sturman, Alan Levine and Richard Pursehouse. 


The 2020 AGM minutes were circulated and agreed to be a true copy. These were               signed by the Chairman. 

Due to the early finishing of the previous season due to Coronavirus there were no reports offered by any positions with the exception of the Treasurer, who produced new accounts for the year. These are reproduced below:-

The accounts were discussed showing a healthy balance. 


The meeting then discussed the situation regarding number of teams entry into the league. It was hoped that when all was finalised that there would be at least 7 teams in each division. The league Secretary requested that all teams and players were known to him by 14th September so that the league fixtures and website could be up and running in good time for the proposed start of the season. 

It was concluded that the format of the league would follow the same as in previous years. Each team playing each other home and away in the League, and a handicap league running through the season as occurred previously. 

Alan Levine offered to mention the Table Tennis League in an effort to get some new players, on the website platform Next Door. 

The meeting then went on to discuss whether there was a need for a printed handbook as all the information would be available on the website. 

This was discussed and it was concluded that the handbook was unnecessary. So for this and for future years there will be no handbook. 

There was some discussion regarding home venues for teams, but this was decided to be finalised by 14th Sept. 

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8:53pm. 


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