AGM 2020

AGM minutes 10th August 2020


The AGM of the Diss and District Table Tennis League took place at Brome & Oakley Village Hall. The meeting commenced 8:06 pm.

As you know this was an unusual AGM with a maximum of six attendees. There were apologies from Paul Sturman and Francis Webb.

Attending the meeting were David Mortlock, Paul Mortlock, Chris Willoughby and John Bryant.

As there had been no new nominations for any committee positions the current members maintain their respective committee posts.

So the committee posts are as follows:-

President -                     Francis Webb

Chairman –                David Mortlock

Vice Chairman-             John Bryant

Treasurer-                      Paul Mortlock

League Secretary-        Chris Willoughby

Results Secretary-        John Bryant

Press Secretary-           Stuart Filmer

County Rep-                  Chris Willoughby

Committee Members:   Pat West

                                        Adrian Key

                                        Alan Worthington

Paul Sturman

Andrew Doe


Last years minutes were agreed to be a true copy and were signed by the Chairman.

With the exception of the Treasurer, Paul Mortlock, producing the Accounts there were no other reports from members.  The Accounts produced show a small profit mainly due to no expenses being paid out for Trophies and Cup engraving etc.

Paul also advised that we could also expect a refund from the High School as Tuesday nights had been paid for in advance.


Copy of Accounts:-

 Cancelled matches

The meeting then discussed the proposal put forward by Alan Levine.

In a move to reduce match cancellations. Matches will not be cancelled because a team is depleted. If a match is cancelled then the team cancelling will receive a 4 point deduction. This means that if a two man team turns up to play then they concede 3 points for their missing player, but they would receive a 4 point deduction if they cancel so that encourages the team to turn out with just 2 players.

This idea generated a very long discussion and in the end it was agreed that this was a good suggestion and we would discuss further how to implement this for future seasons. However we would not implement this rule for this season.

Finals Night

There was no finals night last season due to the Coronavirus situation. However, it is still the plan to playout the finals resulting from the Championships. It is obviously dependant on the Coronavirus situation and how this develops. It does seem increasingly unlikely that we will be having a Championships this season so possibly a finals night may be held at the end of the season. It hasn’t been ruled out but the decision remains fluid.

TT365 Computer System or Table Tennis England Computer system.

John explained that TT365 were offering their Computer system for no charge over the next three years. This was because when the company was developing the system for TTE the system was continually evolving and developing. However know the system is finished and there is no need for further development. So in effect it costs the company nothing and they are passing that benefit on to us.

The TTE computer system is linked to TTE membership and while we always try to ensure that our member are paid up members there are always some who never quite manage to pay the membership fees. If using the TTE system non membership players do not show and therefore their results would not count.

It was recommended that we continue using the TT365 system..

Format of the league for this coming season and Teams without a venue

The overall feeling was that the league could maintain 3 player teams playing 3 singles matches only. No doubles to be played. Also without changing ends between games. It was felt that the commencement date of any league action would probably be delayed. Possibly until as far as January 2021. The problem is that we need to know that the halls are safe for our players and need to confirm that all the Government guidance has been followed by the Halls. Also the home Table Tennis team will need to comply to sanitise their equipment, seating areas etc. We hope that we will be able to have the league commence after September, depending on a number of issues relating to Coronavirus.

Currently there appeared to be just one team without a venue, Hope Church, which is not opening until January 2021. It was felt that possibly Thrandeston V H could take this team once the Covid Compliance was sorted.

A long discussion ensued, mainly over the availability of Village Halls, which should be Covid -19 secure before they open their doors to hirers.

It was felt that we needed to ascertain the procedures and then advise the captains of each club who would then confirm the situation with their own home venue.

Registration fee and Team Registration

Registration fees to remain unchanged. Note no TT365 fee. Table Tennis England fees are also frozen. Note that these are due from end of July 2020.                  Team Registration this year will be by post.

There was no AOB

Meeting closed 9.18pm

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