The AGM of the Diss and District Table Tennis League 2017

Please note that the AGM was held on Monday 12th June 2017 at DC3 in the conference Room on the first floor at 8:00pm.

2017 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the AGM held at DC3 Conference Room on Monday 12th June 2017

Attending the meeting were -Ted Ling (President), David Mortlock ( Chairman), John Bryant (Vice Chairman/ Results Secretary), Paul Mortlock (Treasurer), Pat West (Committee Member), Paul Sturman ( Committee Member), Alan Worthington (Committee Member), Peter Clarke ( Player DC3), Sue Taylor (Player DC3).


Apologies for absence had been received from Chris Willoughby, James Skilleter and Adrian Key.


Presidents opening remarks

I would like to thank David, our Chairman, for all the work that he has done during the past season. I would like to thank John, our Vice Chairman and Results Secretary for all the work he has done this past year. I would like to thank Chris our league secretary and County Rep for all he has done and also for taking youngsters for Table Tennis at the school. I would like to thank Paul, our treasurer, for all the work he has done and particularly for keeping our finances in order. I would like to thank Stuart, our press secretary, for all the work he has done as press secretary and for the work he does at Dickleburgh. I would like to thank all our committee members for their help, that’s Pat, Paul, Adrian, Alan and Francis. I would like to thanks David, Jonathon and Alan and other helpers for their work on Tuesday at the High School. I would also like to thank Terry for helping at DC3 and also like to thank all DC3 helpers.


Election of Chairman.

The president took the chair and offered the Chairman position to those attending the meeting. The president then proposed David Mortlock and this was seconded by John Bryant.


2016 AGM previous minutes were circulated and there were no matters arising from those minutes. A copy of the minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true copy.


Chairmans Report

The Chairman echoed the Presidents thank you’s for the committee thanking them for their particular expertise in their different fields. A big thank you to Jonathon and Alan for the Coaching/ helping at Diss High School. Thankyou to James Skilleter for running the tournament and finals night, both of which went well. Thank you to Stuart Filmer for organising the Junior Tournament which went off smoothly.


Treasurers Report

The Treasurer presented a copy of the accounts and explained the entries to the meeting. The league again made a small profit for the year and the financial situation appears healthy.            The cost of hiring the school hall has increased from £22 to £33 for the 3 hour period. The increase is due to the league no longer coaching TT for a school lunchtime, which had resulted in a one third reduction in the bill. There were no questions in respect of the accounts.

Results Secretarys Report.

The website continues to develop and now shows rankings that also take into account results from other leagues, tournaments etc. The website in future will also have the facility to enter our tournament results and these too will also have an effect on the rankings. The rankings in future can be used to determine the seedings of players in our Championships.

The Championships went very well. It was the best attended Champs for some years and the timings appeared to work well. I still feel that there could be more interest from first Division players. The addition of a finals night also went very well and that night was well attended by spectators. The Championships and finals night was also well organised by James Skilleter. So a big thank you to him.


League Secretaries Report

Taken from his apology e-mail. No contact from County. Some TTE contact but not relevant to our league.


Elections of Officers.


Vice Chairman. John Bryant agreed to continue as Vice Chairman, proposed by David Mortlock and seconded by Pat West.


League Secretary. Chris Willoughby had agreed to continue and was proposed by David Mortlock and seconded by Ted Ling.


Results Secretary. John Bryant agreed to continue proposed by David Mortlock and seconded by Pat West.


Treasurer. Paul Mortlock agreed to continue, proposed by David Mortlock and seconded by John Bryant.


County Representative.

Chris Willoughby was proposed by David Mortlock and seconded by John Bryant.


Press Secretary. Stuart Filmer was proposed by David Mortlock and seconded by Paul Sturman.


Committee Members, Pat West, Paul Sturman, Alan Worthington, Adrian Key & Francis Webb were all re-elected at the meeting.


Registration fees and Registration Evening

It was decided that Registration Evening would be held on 7th August 2017.Venue to be confirmed. Registration fees to remain unchanged.



Table Tennis England fees are proposed to increase to £14 for seniors and £7 for Juniors.

John Bryant mentioned the Table Tennis Training Camp being run at Wensum in Norwich. This is being run by Top Edge Table Tennis. Main coach is Craig Bryant (11th Seeded England Player). Training camp runs from 10th, 11th and 12 th August. £50 for a 5 hour session.

David Mortlock mentioned that James Skilleter was considering organising a hard bat competition. This was discussed and it was proposed that this could take place on a Tuesday night at Diss High School. David will discuss this with James.

John Bryant advised that James Skilleter would be prepared to organise the Championships once again but it would have to be before Easter to avoid clashing with his cricket commitments. It was felt that this could be achieved. David will discuss this with Eye School.

Finals night overran a little bit and it was decided to include finals only in future. All semi-finals should be played during the Championship Sunday.

David Mortlock also discussed the possibility of the league buying a second Robot. Mainly as a back up in case the first one failed. This was discussed and it was agreed that a second Robot would be purchased.

It was also mentioned that we were short of cups / shields and needed 3 more to cover all events. This was discussed and it was agreed that 3 more shields would be purchased.

Format and Venue for Presentation night was discussed, given that the usual venue is no longer available. After some discussion it was suggested that Ted Ling would have a word with Palgrave Community Centre and depending on what is discovered we would consider this as a venue for presentation night.

Meeting closed at 9:09pm


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