The 2017-2018 fixtures are now on the website

Apologies to anyone who has looked at the fixtures and booked their venues.

 I have had to rejig the fixtures in both divisions due to shared venues, times when halls are not available etc. This will have affected most teams up to a point. Lets just say that you will be lucky if you are not affected.

The quickest way to check is to go to the website, via the fixture, results tab, select the appropriate division, then on the right hand side select filter by your team. This will then show only your fixtures and which ones are home and away.

If anyone finds any glaring errors please let me know.

Unfortunately because of all the alterations there will be times when there are 3 away games or more in a row or visa versa.

In the first division fixtures i have tried to even up the home and away games so they should be fairly even, 9 home and 9 away. There are exceptions up 7 & 11. However I have attempted to even these up but this is the best I could do. So unless you notice a venue clash, then i do not intend to alter the fixtures any further.

Apologies once again and thank you for your patience.

Because some dates are not confirmed yet, I would be surprised if you get your handbooks before the season kicks off, apologies for that also.

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