Pat Lyon has sent us a Report of the Veterans matches ranging from Cornwall to Berks. We encourage other County teams to send us reports, formal or informal.
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Entry form now available at OKEHAMPTON TTC 1 STAR ENTRY FORM 5-3-17.docx

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Advance notification of coaching events:

12 Nov (Brixham) with Craig Bryant.

13 Nov (Joola Plymouth) with Paul Whiting.

The Brixham event has limited capacity and preference will be given to Brixham locals.

More details to follow.

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A successful U10's TT festival was held at Joola Plymouth on 24 Sept 2016.

The main aim was for fun (with a little very light coaching) more than matchplay.

Kev Buddell said: "the event was brilliant for these kids and good for the parents too".

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