Scorecards for knock-out stages:

Hunt Cup 2015 Knockout Matches.pdf

Fixture List for group stages of 2014-2015 Hunt Cup (subject to rearrangement due to venue being full to capacity)

Group A

Monday10 Nov 2014Poulshot ACalne D
Monday10 Nov 2014Nursteed APoulshot C
Tuesday02 Dec 2014Poulshot CPoulshot A
Monday01 Dec 2014Calne DNursteed A
Monday26 Jan 2015Poulshot ANursteed A
Tuesday27 Jan 2015Poulshot CCalne D

Group B

Tuesday11 Nov 2014Kennet Vale AKennet Vale B
Friday14 Nov 2014Poulshot BNursteed D
Wednesday03 Dec 2014Nursteed DKennet Vale A
Tuesday02 Dec 2014Kennet Vale BPoulshot B
Tuesday27 Jan 2015Kennet Vale APoulshot B
Wednesday28 Jan 2015Nursteed DKennet Vale B

Group C

Monday10 Nov 2014Calne CWilcot   (fixture has been reversed from original draw)
Monday10 Nov 2014Calne ANursteed B
Monday01 Dec 2014Nursteed BWilcot
Monday01 Dec 2014Calne CCalne A
Friday30 Jan 2015WilcotCalne A
Monday26 Jan 2015Nursteed BCalne C

Group D

Friday14 Nov 2014LavingtonNursteed C
Tuesday11 Nov 2014Dauntsey'sCalne B
Wednesday03 Dec 2014Calne BLavington
Wednesday03 Dec 2014Nursteed CDauntsey's
Friday30 Jan 2015LavingtonDauntsey's
Wednesday28 Jan 2015 Calne BNursteed C
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