Scorecards for knock-out stages of Hunt Cup available to view in pdf file below

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Final Result:

Dauntsey's 5 - Kennet Vale A 3

Semi Final Results:

Poulshot A 4 - Dauntsey's 5

Nursteed C 2 - Kennet Vale A 7

Quarter Final Results:

Dauntsey's 5 - Calne A 4

Poulshot B 0 - Poulshot A 9 (walkover)

Nursteed C 6 - Lavington 3

Nursteed A 2 - Kennet Vale 7

Quarter Finals Draw

Match 1: Poulshot B vs Poulshot A
Match 2: Dauntsey's vs Calne A
Match 3: Nursteed C vs Lavington
Match 4: Nursteed A vs Nursteed B or Kennet Vale A **

** 14/2/2013 Kennet Vale A through to play Nursteed A

Matches to be played week commencing 18/2/2013 

Semi Final Draw

Winner Match 1 vs Winner Match 2
Winner Match 3 vs Winner Match 4

Matches to be played week commencing 25/3/2013 

This year the Hunt Cup will start with 4 groups of four teams playing a round-robin format before entering the knock out stages for quarter and semi finals.

Group matches will be played on weeks commencing 12th November 2012, 3rd December 2012 and  21st January 2013.

Quarter finals week commencing 18th February 2013 and semi finals week commencing 25th March 2013.

The draw has been made today, 4th November 2012, and the groups have been drawn as follows:

Group A - Kennet Vale A, Nursteed B, Calne E and Nursteed C

Group B - Wilcot, Calne A, Calne D and Nursteed A

Group C - Poulshot A, Dauntsey's, Poulshot C and Calne C

Group D - Poulshot B, Lavington, Calne B and Kennet Vale B

Group Fixtures:

Monday12 Nov 2012Group ANursteed B-Calne E
Monday12 Nov 2012Group BCalne A-Calne D
Monday12 Nov 2012Group CPoulshot A-Calne C
Tuesday 13 Nov 2012Group AKennet Vale A-Nursteed C
Tuesday 13 Nov 2012Group CDauntsey's-Poulshot C
Friday16 Nov 2012Group BWilcot-Nursteed A
Friday16 Nov 2012Group DPoulshot B-Kennet Vale B
Friday16 Nov 2012Group DLavington-Calne B
Monday03 Dec 2012Group ACalne E-Kennet Vale A
Monday03 Dec 2012Group BCalne D-Wilcot
Monday03 Dec 2012Group BNursteed A-Calne A
Tuesday04 Dec 2012Group CPoulshot C-Poulshot A
Monday03 Dec 2012Group CCalne C-Dauntsey's
Tuesday 04 Dec 2012Group DCalne B-Poulshot B
Tuesday 04 Dec 2012Group DKennet Vale B-Lavington
Wednesday05 Dec 2012Group ANursteed C-Nursteed B
Monday21 Jan 2013Group ACalne E-Nursteed C
Monday21 Jan 2013Group BCalne D-Nursteed A
Monday21 Jan 2013Group CPoulshot A-Dauntsey's
Tuesday22 Jan 2013Group CPoulshot C-Calne C
Tuesday 22 Jan 2013Group AKennet Vale A-Nursteed B
Tuesday 22 Jan 2013Group DCalne B-Kennet Vale B
Friday25 Jan 2013Group BWilcot-Calne A
Friday25 Jan 2013Group DPoulshot B-Lavington 
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