Veterans County Championships Division 2a


Weekend 1 Day 1 (21-10-17)        Garry Knight, Michael Bradbury, Geoff Gill and Jane Vickers


Derbyshire 9-1 Northamptonshire 2nds

Michael vs Nigel Metcalfe -6,-9,-8

Geoff vs Martin Hall 5,5,4

Garry vs Henry Arthur -5,5,8,9

Garry and Jane vs Nigel and Maxine 5,5,5

Michael vs Martin 6,3,5

Jane vs Maxine Shears 2,4,4

Garry and Michael vs Nigel and Henry 10,-6,-10,4,6

Geoff vs Henry 5,6,9

Garry vs Nigel 8,1,10

Geoff and Jane vs Martin and Maxine 5,6,-8,6


Derbyshire 9-1 Leicestershire 3rds

Garry vs Chris Brewer 7,13,1

Geoff vs Jason Woodfield 6,8,4

Michael vs Tony Smith 5,-9,8,9

Garry and Jane vs Jason and Tracey -8,4,7,5

Geoff vs Chris -7,7,-9,-7

Jane vs Tracey 4,6,6

Garry and Michael vs Chris and Tony -7,3,5,9

Michael vs Jason 10,-8,8,6

Garry vs Tony 10,7,8

Geoff and jane vs Jason and Tracey 5,10,2


Weekend 1 Day 2 (22-10-17)         Michael Bradbury, Geoff Gill, David Kelly and Jane Vickers


Derbyshire 5-5 Yorkshire 3rds

Geoff vs Tim Dyson -4,5,-9,9,9

David vs Nick Ryder -10,-7,-3

Michael vs Dave Randerson -6,8,10,8

Michael and jane vs Dave and Linda 6,-6,6,10

Geoff vs Nick -6,-6,3,8,-6

Jane vs Linda Sanderson 7,-7,4,2

Geoff and David vs Tim and Nick 8,8,9

David vs Dave 8,-6,2,-5,-6

Michael vs Tim -7,-7,-7

Geoff and Jane vs Tim and Linda 10,-6,8,-2,9


Derbyshire 4-6 Staffordshire

Michael vs Paul Malkin 9,7,4

David vs Neil Hough 9,-8,-6,9,-6

Geoff vs Andrew Dixon 7,-8,-6,12,15

Michael and jane vs Neil and Natalie 10,3,6

David vs Paul -10,-7,5,-5

Jane vs Natalie Riley -8,-8,-10

Michael and David vs Paul and Andrew 4,-13,-3,-7

Geoff vs Neil -9,-7,12,-6

Michael vs Andrew 7,-9,-3,8,7

Geoff and Jane vs Andrew and Natalie -9,-8,6,-8








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