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69th AGM to be held on 14th June

Venue - Swanwick Methodist Church, DE55 1AB at 7:30pm

County Chairman:                                                                                                        County Secretary:

Derrick Marples                                                                                                            Leslie Allwood

128 Williamthorpe Road                                                                                             13 Prospect Road

North Wingfield                                                                                                             Heanor

Derbyshire                                                                                                                      DE75 7NF

S42 5NR                                                                                                                           Tel: 01773 761369

Tel: 01246 850367                                                                                                         e-mail:

                                                                                                                                          10th May 2016

                    The Derbyshire Table Tennis Association 69th AGM is on Tuesday, 14th June 2016 at the Swanwick Methodist Church, Derby Road, Swanwick, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 1AB at 7.30pm.

                    The Association needs your full support and attention is drawn to the Rule that a minimum of three members shall be in attendance from each affiliated League.

                    At our AGM Chairman Derrick Marples is retiring and with the death of Neil Houghton our coach, junior team and cadet team captain and umpire’s secretary we will have five vacancies.

                   County Committee Vacancies.

                    The Chairman

                              He/She presides over the meeting.

                              Calling the meeting to order,

                              Introducing the items on the agenda,

                              Recognising of members to speak,

                              Enforcing the rules of the meeting,

                              Putting all motions to a vote,

                              Arranging the date of the next meeting.

                              Closing the meeting.

                    County Junior/Cadet Team captain:

                              Check with Secretary for fixtures.

                              Check on players.

                              Choose a team.

                              Co-ordinate the team on match day.

                    County Coach:

                              Identify and encourage Table Tennis talent within the County.

                              Select Teams and attend matches whenever possible.

                              Improve the standard of Players in the County.

                              Be a Positive Role Model.

                             Promote participation in Table Tennis.

          Anyone interested in filling the above posts would they contact the County Secretary by any of the means shown at the top of this announcement. Notification no later than 10th June, 2016

Yours sincerely

Leslie Allwood



                    1.      Apologies:

                    2.      Minutes of the 68th AGM

                    3.      Matters arising

                   4.      Annual Report 2015/16

                   5.      Statement of Accounts 2015/16

                   6.      Change of Rules: none  

                   7.      Election of President, Vice Presidents and Life Members

                   8.      Election of Officers

                   9.      Election of Auditor

                 10.  Any other relevant business:

                              NCC AGM 4th June report.

                              TTE AGM is 2nd July

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