League Rules

MAY 2015

1 Title
The League shall be called the Daventry and District Table Tennis League

2 Objects
The objects of the League shall be to conduct an annual competition between affiliated Clubs and to otherwise
assist and encourage Table Tennis in the district.

3 Management
a) The League recognizes the English Table Tennis Association Ltd (‘Table Tennis England’) as the
governing body for table tennis in England and shall affiliate to it.

b) The League shall be administered by a Committee of elected Officers. The Officers shall consist of the
Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and Match Secretary.

c) The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy which may arise.

d) The President and Vice Presidents shall be invited annually to serve by the Committee and all other
Officers of the League shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

e) The Committee may hold regular ordinary meetings.

f) An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be held if called for by the Chairman or two members of
the Committee.

g) An EGM shall also be held within 21 days of a request by 20% of the membership in writing specifying
the business to be discussed including any proposed alterations to the rules or other propositions

h) The General Secretary shall give each member of the Committee reasonable notice of its ordinary

i) The quorum of the Committee shall be three

j) All members of the League are invited to attend the AGM and EGM and shall have power to vote.

4 General Meetings
a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held within 5 weeks of the end of the playing season.

b) The agenda for this meeting will be given to the Club Secretaries at least 7 days before the meeting.

c) At least 21 days notice of the meeting shall be given to each member through their Club Secretary
together with the agenda. The agenda shall include any proposed alterations to the rules or other

d) Each Club should send at least 1 representative to the AGM., which will be open to the general public,
but only registered playing members will be allowed to vote. Clubs failing to send a representative to
the AGM. may be fined up to £10 at the discretion of the Committee.

e) This meeting shall consider the following:-

i) Minutes of the previous AGM. which shall be confirmed, and any matters arising there from
dealt with.
ii) Election of Officers, including President and Vice Presidents.
Chairman's report
he Treasurers Report and Statement of Income and Expenditure.
iii)) Match Secretary Review of completed seaso
iv) The League programme for the next season.
v) Any proposed alterations to Rules.
vi) Presentation of trophies/certificates
vii) Any other business.

f) The Quorum for a General Meeting shall be 5 of the registered listed playing membership, two of
whom will be Officers.

g) A proposition not on the agenda may be discussed at a General Meeting but no decision may be taken
on it.

h) The administrative year shall be the period from the day after the Annual General Meeting to the day of
the next AGM.

i) The financial year shall be the period from 1st June to the following 31st May.

5 Alteration to rules
a) Alterations to the League Rules may only be made at the AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting
convened for that purpose.

b) Clubs desirous of submitting proposals for alteration of the League Rules must do so at least 21 days
before the Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.

c) The General Secretary on receipt of these proposals, must forward them as soon as possible to all
Club representatives, and in any event not less than 7 days before the Meeting.

6 Affiliation of Clubs
a) Affiliation of Clubs to the League shall be open to Clubs having suitable playing facilities

b) The standard of playing conditions may be applied differently for different Divisions and applied at the
discretion of the Committee.

c) Admission for participation in the League will be at the discretion of the Committee.

d) The Committee may refuse to affiliate, or may disaffiliate, a club if it considers this to be in the best
interests of the League.

e) Where there is more than one Contact for a Club, one of them must be appointed Club Secretary for
the purpose of receiving telephone calls, email or other correspondence.

f) An affiliated club shall keep the General Secretary informed as to the name and contact details of its
Club Secretary.

g) The Club Secretary shall be responsible for liaison with the club’s members, with the League and with
other affiliated clubs on administrative matters.

7 Teams and Player Registration
a) Each Club must provide a nominated contact for each of their Teams (usually the Team Captain) who
should be accessible by telephone or email.

b) If contact is not accessible by telephone or email, contact details of another responsible member of the
club should be given whenever possible.

c) Registration of Teams must be made annually by the Club to the Match Secretary, by a date agreed at
the previous AGM on the form provided.

d) Annual fees for each Team will be fixed annually at the AGM and incorporated into the minutes of the
meeting. The fees are currently £20 per team (last updated from 2015 AGM).

e) Registration must be carried out and all fees and fines paid before each session begins, by a date fixed
by the Committee. No Club will be allowed to commence fixtures until this has been done.

f) Players will be registered to play in a Team.

g) Each Team will comprise not less than 3 registered players

h) Players can be registered to play for only one Team.

i) Additional players may be registered after the start of the season, subject to the discretion of the

j) A player must be registered at least 3 days before taking part in a match or League Competition.

k) Only registered players may play in matches or Tournaments.

l) Registered players will be insured by the League through its affiliation with Table Tennis England.

m) The structure of the League, any Divisions and its operation shall be decided at the AGM to include:
- The date of the start and end of the League season and the date of any tournaments
- Promotion and Relegation: This will be done on a one up one down basis, but always subject to
the number of applications for Teams for entry to the League at the beginning of the season.

n) Prior to the commencement of the season, Club Secretaries must register their Teams in descending
order of status. These players shall not be eligible to play in teams of lower status unless the
Committee cancel their nomination in place of another player. Any player playing for teams of higher
status shall after a total of 8 appearances be automatically transferred to the higher team, unless by
special sanction* of the committee referred to in Rule 7q. This rule does not apply to Junior players.

Example: where a club has more than two teams:
A player registered for, say, C can play up for either A and/or B - when (s)he has played up eight times
they must stay up. If that player played all eight games for A (or until such time as they do) then they
must stay with A as they are deemed to have also played up from B. In practice the sub-committee
have always tried to allow people to play as often as possible by allowing playing up - it is however
worth checking first as the opposition could claim points!

o) A club having 2 or more teams in one division can play members from one team to the other only in the
following conditions i) Can only play up. ii) Must have played in the League for at least 2 seasons. This
rule does not apply to Junior players.

p) Any games won by an ineligible player shall be awarded to the opponents.

q) Decisions required under the provisions of Rule 6 shall be made on behalf of the Committee by a subcommittee consisting of the Chairman, General Secretary and Match Secretary.

8 Transfers
Any player wishing to transfer from one club to another may do so by making a formal application to the Match Secretary. Approval of transfer requests will be at the discretion of the Committee.

9 League Championships
a) A team shall consist of 3 singles and 1 doubles pair, which may or may not be chosen from the singles
players. There shall be 9 singles sets and 1 doubles set (each the best of 5 games up to 11), each
singles player playing 1 set against each of his opponents. Each set will count 1 point, making 10
points in all.

b) Matches must start not later than 7.30pm unless an alternative time has been agreed between the
teams. A player who arrives late will be allowed to play provided he arrives before the seventh game
has been completed.

c) The home team will provide the Score Card, and clean Table Tennis England approved 3 star ball.
They will enter their players on a score card, in order of play, first. Matches will proceed in the order
given on the score card unless otherwise agreed by the Team Captains.

d) The result of the matches must be forwarded by email, post or by hand by the HOME team on the
official score card signed by the captains, to be received by the Match Secretary not later than 7 DAYS
following the handbook date of the fixture. A penalty of 2 POINTS will be DEDUCTED from the League
total of any Home Team failing to do this unless otherwise agreed at the discretion of the Committtee under exceptional circumstances.

e) They will be notified of any such penalty within 14 days (or end of season) of the result card in question
being due. No appeal shall be allowed unless SENT to the Match secretary within 1 week of notice
being served.

10 Postponements
a) Matches can be postponed from the original date providing that the MATCH SECRETARY has been
informed in writing (a confirmed e-mail will suffice) at least 3 days in advance of the scheduled date by
the team requesting the postponement. Re-arranged matches must be played as soon as possible.
The result must be forwarded to the MATCH SECRETARY within 5 days of the date of the re-arranged
match being played, failure to do so will result in the MATCH being awarded to the NONDEFAULTING
TEAM by 10 points to nil. An alternative venue to be arranged if home team are unable
to use their hall.

b) Matches may be brought forward by consent of both teams.

c) Any additional expense relating to the hiring of the venue caused to the NON-DEFAULTING team by
the operation of Rule 9a shall be borne by the defaulting team.

11 Forfeited Games
a) If a team fails to arrive at the place where the match is to be held, or if they do not notify their
opponents of their inability to honour the fixture they will forfeit 10 match points to their opponents.

b) A team claiming a match for this or any other reason must notify (confirmed e-mails will suffice) the
Match Secretary and the Team Secretary of the opposing Club in writing immediately. Where a claim is
opposed the issue shall be decided by the Committee, otherwise the Match Secretary shall award 10

c) The record of any team which may resign or be expelled from the League, shall be completely

12 Knockout Competitions
a) The dates of the matches will be posted on the website

b) Results of previous rounds are posted on the website.

c) Divisional Knockout Competitions: each match shall consist of 9 singles sets of 3 Games if

d) A sub-committee, one member of which shall be the Match Secretary, shall be appointed to assess
handicaps for Handicap Knockout Competitions

e) The handicapping sub-committee shall handicap all registered players.

f) A player may only play for 1 team in the Handicap Knockout in any one season. In exceptional
circumstances the league sub-committee may waive this rule. The handicaps shall apply both to the
Handicap Knockout Competition and the individual handicap event in the Closed Tournament.

g) A match shall consist of 9 singles sets and 1 doubles set, each of 2 games being played, making 10 in
total. The points scored by each team shall be totalled, the appropriate handicap added, and the team
with the most points shall be the winners. In the event of a tie, the Doubles set is continued for a 4th
game. The handicap being applied pro-rata. The dates and venues on which Knockout finals must be
played will be notified by the Match Secretary.

h) A full draw shall be made for each competition at a convenient meeting of the Committee.

i) A player may not play down in Knockout competitions.

j) A player may only play in a Knockout Final if he has previously played in 2 league matches during the
season, or in 2 previous rounds of the competition.

13 Tournaments
a) To compete in the Annual Closed Tournament, all players must have played not less than 30% of
his/her teams League matches prior to the date of entry to the Tournament.

b) Any objections should be made to the Tournament Referee before the start of a game.

14 General
All Matches and Competitions promoted by the League shall be conducted under the current Rules of Table
Tennis England. Where possible players should confirm with the recommendations of the Table Tennis

15 Complaints
Any complaints concerning playing conditions should be made to the home team Captain, and even if the
complaint cannot be rectified, the match should be played. Complaints, or serious cases of misconduct, shall
be sent to the Committee via the Match Secretary.

16 Discipline
a) The Committee may suspend players, teams, clubs or officials for violation of the Rules.

b) Appeals: A player, team, club, or official may appeal to the committee against any disciplinary action
imposed under Rules nos. 8 & 15a. The appeal should be made to the General Secretary within 7 days
of the date of notification of the fine or other penalty. Similarly, a player, team, club, or official has
further right of appeal to the Northamptonshire Table Tennis Association.

17 Trophies
Certificates or trophies (the latter to be held for up to 1 year), will be presented to the winning teams/players
and must be returned on demand. Individuals, at the discretion of the Committee, will be presented with
certificates or miniature trophies for their retention.

18 Interpretation
The Committee interpretation of these Rules, and all matters affecting the administration of the League, shall be final, except where there is a right of appeal to the Northamptonshire Table Tennis Association.

19 Web Site Management
For all members, the league will be managed through a dedicated web portal that will post club names and
venues, team names and members, league structure, fixtures and results. This will be managed by the Match
Secretary and any other members who can assist in its running.
Suggested sites include (but are not limited to):
TT365 https://www.tabletennis365.com/Daventry/
TTComplete http://ttcomplete.com/daventry




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