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Encourage members to take part in regular competition

Members are encourage to take part in regular competition as can be seen from  league and cup games.

Executive Committee Meeting

Date:  Wednesday 9th April 2014 Venue:  Delmar Print, Nantwich. Time: 8 pm

Notes of the Meeting

·       In Attendance. Mike Crompton (MC), Neil Williams (NW), Mike Farr (MF), Richard Derricutt (RD), Dave Stubbs (DS), Dennis Artess (DA), Robin Smith (RS), Bob Hope (BH) and Kam Li (KL). MC welcomed all especially those for whom this was their first ctte meeting.

·       Notes of last meeting were approved.

o   Matters arising: WhatsApp application discussed and agreed to be taken forward as part of the role of Media Manager

·       Club Development Plan – Following discussion of related areas, the proposed plan as circulated was approved by all.

·       Playing performance – general satisfaction noted with improvements across the board during the course of the last year.  A large amount of credit for this needs to go to the incredible amount of effort put in by DA, all present expressed gratitude and appreciation for this.  General suggestion that club support be offered to all and parents of younger members be encouraged to participate fully in club activities. Suggestion to offer club sponsorship for entering into regional competitions was proposed and cases are to be considered as and when the need arises.

·       Clubmark accreditation – 3 pillars Partnerships, Coaching Programme, Club management

o   Partnerships

§  South Cheshire College – formal agreement in place

§  William Stanier School – ongoing discussions

§  Nantwich Elim Church – awaiting return of formal agreement

§  Kingsgrove school – discussions ongoing, DA to discuss in more detail with club member Paul Benbow and DS

§  Crewe TTL . Formal agreement in place?

ACTION: DA to progress

o   Coaching programme

§  Draft proposal circulated, discussed and agreed as presented. New development mgr to implement post AGM

§  The number of advanced level players was seen as a current weakness for the club, however the ctte are willing to accept that the club will grow organically, new advanced level players will be the result of the natural progression process.

o   Club Management

§  Policies all agreed unanimously, These are now to be placed on the clubs website with any future changes needing to be made through discussion at exec ctte meetings.  As a minimum all policies need to be reviewed annually.

ACTION: RD to place agreed policies on website

§  Proposed and agreed to produce an informational flyer outlining key elements of the clubs policies. The ctte will need to then review and agree, MF to print, then all to circulate.

ACTION: KL/RD to draft and circulate for approval

·       Anti doping course – RD presented information regarding a free on line course – agreed that all coaches should be encouraged to undertake the course.

ACTION: All coaches to undertake the course

·       Club Venues 2014/15 – list circulated and after discussion agreed. Future of Wordcraft venue for the potteries league team to be considered again in due course.

·       Awards Night – 3 perpetual trophies to be collected from last years winners (Player of the Year, Team of the year and New Gen Team of the year). List of awards for 2014 and recipients discussed and agreed as proposed by DA.  Agreed that RS would source and purchase suitable trophies and arrange for their engraving, max budget set as £400.  RS to source then circulate suggestions to ctte before purchasing. DS offered and ctte accepted his offer to organise a raffle on the evening. Discussion over suitable “celebrities” to be asked to present awards.

ACTION: DA to organise guest to present awards

ACTION: RS to source and propose trophies

·       AGM – List of positions and anticipated post holders circulated and agreed as discussed/proposed. The need to ensure that the current constitution reflects the current reality was discussed, any required changes to be brought forward to the AGM.

ACTION: RS to review constitution

·       Teams and competitions - 2014/15 draft team formats circulated, subject to finalisation. Probably have a total of 17 teams in the Crewe league and 1 in the potteries, noted that we would like to enter a second potteries team if possible. Need to finalise team structures for next year and to be in a position to hand this over to the new Team Manager after the AGM.

ACTION: DA to work on finalising Teams

·       Finance Report – DA presented income and expenditure account for the past year, showing a small projected surplus for the year.  Balance sheet presented.  Cheshire East grant was designed to cover coach training costs. Those involved to be asked to reclaim the costs they are entitled to.  Further raffles and specific prize draws will be organised in 2014.  Ctte expressed thanks to DA for undertaking the treasurer role for the year. Ctte unanimously agreed the reports.

ACTION: DA to hand over treasurer responsibilities to new treasurer

·       Summer Competitions – Outline presented for discussion, ctte agreed to potentially enter one team in the Potteries summer league subject to there being sufficient interest.  RD proposed an internal individual club league over the summer months, after discussion, agreed to create a club league based upon the concept of a Squash League for Juniors and Senior members commencing May 6th.  Agreed to hold a Junior/Senior Club KO competition and a Doubles Summer KO tournament

ACTION: DA to canvass members for interest in Potteries Summer League

ACTION: RS/RD to organise summer ladder competition

ACTION: KL to organise summer singles KO competitions

ACTION: MC/NW to organise doubles KO tournament

·       AOB

o   Dates for future meetings set

§  Exec committee Meetings

·       July 2nd 2015

·       October 8th 2015

·       January 7th 2015

·       April 8th 2015

§  2015 Club AGM

·       May 20th 2015

§  Locations TBC

§  Start time of 7:30pm agreed

o   DS proposed to introduce an annual club membership fee of £10 Senior and £5 junior.  After discussion agreed to put the proposal forward at the AGM.  DS to propose and promote.

ACTION: DS to draft a proposal for the AGM

o   General discussion around attracting more female players, this is part of the development plan and is seen as a key target for the club.

o   Special needs competition 10/11 May requires volunteer umpires – all to canvass members and get names to DA as soon as possible.

o   Schools TT competition U13 June 5th 4pm – 5:30pm CCTTC have been asked to provide support. Venue TBC, any volunteers to DA.

o   Potteries league rule changes noted, special mention made of the need for each team to be represented at ctte meetings, non-attendance will result in a fine being levied.

Meeting closed 10:30pm.


Details of Coaching Team


Head Junior Coach 

John Dawson

Level One Coach




Tricia Brokes

Level One Coach




Dennis Artess

Level One Coach



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