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To SCTTA Representatives, Vice-Presidents & Life Members, Leagues & Other Key/Interested Sussex TT People: 

Please find the latest mailing on Sussex TT Activities. NOTE: The distribution has been reviewed and so if receiving this email for the first time and do not want to receive these emails in future then please let me know. 

Sussex County Management Meetings 

There have been two Management Meetings since the last mailing and discussion in the main been has around arrangements and progress on the deliverables which were agreed a part of the County Plan for this season which can be seen here, as well as League Reports, and the TTE Questionnaire as part of the TTE Governance Review. Reports on the various activities are on the County Website but many are referenced below. Please click on the relevant links for more information. The next County Management Meeting is on the 9th April at the Dorset PH in Lewes. If you have any TT issues that need discussing then please let me know or just turn up. 

County Championship 

As can be seen from the County Plan the County is supporting 13 Teams across the various categories which includes Cadets, Juniors, Senior, Veteran and Over 60 Team, and congratulations go to the Sussex Senior 1 Team who retained the Premier Division County Cup. There was also success for the Junior Sussex 2 Team who promotion. 

12th February - Sussex County - Premier Senior Sussex 1 Team - Champions!!

Congratulations to the Sussex County Premier Senior Team who retained  the Trophy on the completion of matches over the weekend of 3rd and 4th February. On the first round of matches over the weekend of 28th/29th October the team was Josh Bennett, Mark Scutts, Lewis Mayhew, Lois Peake and Rose Rainton with Rory Scott replacing Lewis Mayhew on the Sunday. For the latest round of matches over the weekend 3rd/4th February the team was Jack and Josh Bennett, Mark Scutts (replaced by George Hazell for the Sunday), Yolanda King and Rose Rainton. They won all their matches with the key one against Yorkshire winning 6-4. Please find a report of the matches prepared by Maureen Hazell. Please find the photo's below of the winning team (as it was at the and of the last day) with their captain Rose Rainton.


15th January - County Championship - Junior Premier Team - Results

The Sussex Junior 1st Team played just before Christmas and remained in the Premier Division for another season with this being decided on the very last matches. Having won the Premier and been runner-up in recent years it was always going to be difficult with players such as Josh Bennett now not a Junior. However, there are many players coming through and no doubt a challenge will be mounted next year. Please see report prepared by Peter Baldwin. 

15th January - County Championship - Veterans  Division 1 - Sussex 1 & 2 Teams - Results

The Vets Sussex 1 & 2 teams were in action over the last weekend. They are in the same division with the 1st Team looking to get back into the Premier Division and the second team to not get relegated. Please find report from Peter Bartram. Sussex 1st Team won both their matches and Sussex 2nd Team drew one and lost one. 

15th January - County Championship - Veterans - Sussex 3 Team - Results

The Vets Sussex 3 Team were in action over the last weekend in Division 2C where they won all three to seemingly head the Division going into the final weekend (not the formal results yet). They had wins against Essex 2 (9-1), Kent 4 (8-2) and Surrey 3 (7-3). Please see report from Tony Catt and the match scoresheets can be found on the website. 

27th December - County Championship - Junior Division 2C - Sussex 2 & 3 Teams

The Sussex 2 and 3 Teams concluded their matches on the 2nd December with Sussex 2 winning the Division. Please find report, table, individual results and the score sheets - five, six and seven

26th December - Sussex County Championship - Over 60's

The Over 60's were in action in Milton Keynes on the weekend of the 16th/17th November. They beat Middlesex - 9-1, Kent 1- 7 - 3, and Essex 1 - 7-3. The team remain in equal first place with the remaining matches scheduled to be played in March. For details of the players and their results, please see report prepared by Sheila King. 


The County has been carrying out a number of Coaching sessions and a Coaching Panel is in place. Please see report below along with information on licensed coaches in the County. 

16th February - Sussex County Coaching Report - February 2018

The Sussex County has been carrying out, as planned in the County Plan for this year, coaching sessions for the development of Cadets and Juniors and also for County Championship Match preparation with a Coaching Panel in place. Please see report prepared by Maureen Hazell, the County Coaching Secretary. 

18th January - Sussex Licensed Coaches - January 2018

A Licensed Coach is one who has completed all the necessary qualifications such as Coach and Safeguarding Courses and by being Licensed with TT England they also have Insurance cover. The current Licensed Coaches by TTE currently within the Sussex County, and obtained from the their website are listed here with the level of their qualification. Apologies if someone reading this is a Licensed Coach and resident in Sussex, but your name was not seen on the TTE website. If you are using a coach not listed then their Licence may have lapsed for all sorts of reasons, e.g. not renewed their Licence. A quick check to see if someone is Licensed or not is to use the following link:  

If you are a Coach and reading this then you may be interested in the information from UK Coaching which list links to blogs, videos and podcasts on coaching across different sports. 

Schools – Team & Individual Events 

The English Schools TT Association is now part of TTE and Sussex County is split into two – East Sussex including Brighton and Hove and West Sussex. The County Rounds for the Team Events took place before Christmas and the Individual Events this year. For the zonal rounds of the Team Events, they took place in January and congratulations to Brighton & Hove 6th Form College U19 Team and Tanbridge School in Horsham who have won through to the Finals on the 10th March. Please see reports below for the recent Individual Events. 

12th February - West & East Sussex Schools TT Associations - Team Events - Zonal & Regional Rounds

The zonal round of the Schools Team Events took place in January at Morpeth School, Tower Hamlets (except for the Girls U13 and U11 played at Bexhill Academy) and all the results can be seen on the following link (Zone 7) to the English Schools TT Association website.

The Regional rounds took place over the weekend of 3rd/4th February in the Bristol Regional Play-Off's resulting in two National Finalists from Sussex - The Boys U19 from the Brighton & Hove College 6th Form, and Tanbridge Schools Boys U16. The individual results for Tanbridge School, prepared by Eddie Adams, can be found here, and the full results for the Regional Rounds on the English Schools TT Association website on the following link:

The finals are taking place on the 10th March in Hinckley and we wish them success. 

8th February - East Sussex Schools TT Association (ESSTTA) - Individual Events - Report

Further to the news item on the 15th January below, please find a report, prepared by Kevin Long, on the Individual Events that took place on the 5th and 10th January with 130 children across all the age groups participating. East Sussex includes Brighton and Hove but this is still a fantastic entry.  

15th January - East Sussex Schools TT Association (ESSTTA) - Individual Events - Results

The ESSTTA held the County Round of the English Schools Individual Events last week all superbly organised by Teresa Bennett. There was a fantastic entry with over well over a 100 children participating from a large number of schools from East Sussex. Please see the results for the U11, and the U13 and U16. The winners of each age group are highlighted and they go through to the zonal round along with Josh Bennett representing the U19. 

8th February - West Sussex Schools TT Association (WSSTTA) - Individual Events - Report

The West Sussex County Schools Individual Events took place on the 31st January at Warden Park School. Nowhere near the East Sussex entry but still 70 children participating across the various age groups with 30 in the U13 Boys. Please see the results in the form of the completed Schedules for the U11 Boys, U13 Girls, U13 Boys, and U16 Boys. There was only one U11 Girl entry - Chloe Robinson - who goes through to the next round and there were five U16 Girls in a round robin play-off with Claudia Hough winning. In summary the winners going through to the zonal rounds are:

§  U11 Boys – Rahil Rehman-Furs (Southwater);

§  U11 Girls – Chloe Robinson (Southwater);

§  U13 Boys – Harry Yip (Tanbridge);

§  U13 Girls – Sasha O’Halloran (Tanbridge);

§  U16 Boys – Owen Brown (Forest);

§  U16 Girls – Claudia Hough (Warden Park);

Please see the Photos of the winners and runners-up for the various age groups - U11 Boys, U13 Girls, U13 Boys, U16 Girls and U16 Boys

County Novice Tournaments 

One of the initiatives this season was to run Novice Tournaments and a Trial took place in the Hastings area and another is planned for February 24th in Lewes. Please see report and information below. 

27th December - Sussex County - Hastings Novice Tournament - 25th November

Sussex County held a trial Novice Tournament at the Bexhillians Club premises on the 25th November. It was aimed at those young players who had only been playing for a short while. There were 15 players who participated from the Hastings and surrounding area and they had plenty of games with groups of 5 and a consolation event as well. The results are as in the following schedule and please see a report prepared by Diane Webb who is associated with the Bexhillians Club. The County funded the event with fees restricted to TTE and County affiliation. Further events elsewhere in the County are being considered. Below are some of the participants.

12th February - Sussex County - Novice Tournament - Lewes 24th February

Further to the successful Novice Tournament held on the 24th November hosted by the Bexhillians Club in the Hasting League, and sponsored by the Sussex County TT Association, a further Tournament has been planned for the 24th February in Lewes (between 1.30 pm and 6 pm) hosted by the St Michael's Club who have teams in the Eastbourne League and run local club and coaching sessions. Please see the news item on the 27th December below for the report on the Hastings Novice Tournament. These event are aimed at those young players, typically under 15, who have little experience and perhaps first or second year of playing. Please see combined Flyer/Entry Form

County Closed Tournament

Note that is now confirmed for Sunday 8th April at the Triangle Leisure Centre in Burgess Hill – the Entry Form will be available very soon 

County Treasurer

We need a new County Treasurer – this item appeared on the website in August and was previous Mailings.

August - Sussex County Treasurer Required

The current Treasurer Tony Anderson has not stood for re-election at the recent County AGM since he wishes to spend more time on other charitable work, although he is continuing in the role until someone else is in place. If anyone is interested in taking up the role then please let me know on the contact information at the bottom of this page. The role is not considered to be onerous but some of the key activities are as follows:

  • Request, collect and record affiliation payments and associated numbers;
  • Pay and record expenses for County Teams in line with agreed Expenses Policy;
  • Pay and record agreed procurements and ancillary costs/expenses in line with County Plan activities;
  • Draft annual Budget recommendations;
  • Attend County Meetings;
  • Prepare annual accounts, submit to auditors and present at AGM; 


Please see papers output from the recent TTE National Council Meeting in January which includes notes from the Sussex Councillor Tony Catt. 

12th February - TT England - National Council Meeting 13th January - Output

A TT England National Council (NC) Meeting was held in Milton Keynes on Saturday 13th January. Please find below the Minutes of the Meeting plus a report by The NC Chairman Tony Catt and others papers:

§     NC Minutes Meeting January 2018;

§     NC Report;

§     Standing Orders V2;

§     NC Governance Guidance V2;

§     A Code for Sports Governance;

Also, recent TTE Newsletters distributed can be found here if you are not in receipt of them or not TTE affiliated, for weeks: 050118, 120118, 190118, 260118, 020218, 090218

Papers prior to the meeting can be found on the website.  


Other News Items

27th December - TT Times - Issue 9

Please see the TT Times Issue 9 prepared by Diane & Harvey Webb. It has interesting articles including the recent European Championship, the Youth Top 10, a dip into the archives from some 55 years ago, and an article on Brighton City TT Club 

13th February - Brighton Area - Table Tennis Sessions & Events

Apart from the League and the Clubs participating with their Teams, there is more going on in the Brighton Area such as social sessions, and the Chairman of the Brighton League has compiled a list of known sessions, mainly to answer queries from people who are just looking for such sessions. Please find the list here. Other events that are also happening in Brighton soon are - the annual Handicap Tournament on the morning of the 4th March at the Bevendean Primary School, and the Brighton Closed Tournament at the Lancing Leisure Centre on the 25th March open to all current players in the Brighton League. Please see the Handicap Entry Form and the Closed Entry Form. 

13th February - Top Edge - Trainings Days

Craig Bryant and his Top Edge Company are holding Multiball Sessions and Individual Sessions at the Greenway Academy where Horsham TTC play, and is over the Easter period - 30th March, 2nd April (Multiball) and 4th April, 11th April (Individual Sessions). Please find the Booking Form and a reminder that a Service Training Day can be provided for your club - please see Flyer 

Also please find on the website items from Rory Scott: 

National Cadet League (NCL) - Horsham – Day 1 & Day 2 - Results & Report 

National Junior League  - London Academy - Day 2 - Report & Results 

Jarvis Sports Horsham Spinners 2 Star Event 7th January - Report 

Please let me have news items by email. 


If you know people/players in Sussex that would like to receive these mailings then please let me know. 

The Brighton League has started using mailings to all registered members via TT365, but before County wide mailings there needs to be more data cleansing or archiving of old data. Such will not happen without agreement with Leagues.



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