Club Singles League

Match Night 24/11/16

There were no matches in Div1 this week.

Div 2

Melissa Berry 3 vs Ahmad Humadye 2

Ahmad started off brilliantly and went two up in short order but Melissa hung in and gradually turned things around taking the match in 5.

Morgan Rocha 0 vs Melissa Berry 3

Well, Melissa had a bee in her Bonnet all right and tore into Morgan in the 1st game coasting it to 3 but Morgan recovered and battled away in the second just going down 11 - 13, Melissa strong in the third with an easy victory 11 - 2.

Div 3

Adam Frost 2 vs Matt Beasley 3

This was a Nip & Tuck match, Adam out of sorts in the 1st going down in 4 but recovering well in the second 11 - 9, all change in the third with Matt winning 11 -6, Adam fighting back to take the 4th 11 - 8, only for Matt to dig deep and take the points with an 11 - 8 in the 5th, Good competitive match.

Matt Beasley 0 vs Armando Tauares 3

Well, Matt thought he was on a roll but Armando had other ideas, a good three game win kept him at the top of the table mind you he had to battle in third just squeezing home 14 - 12.

Russ Pittingale 0 vs Matt Beasley 3

Matt thought his work was completed but Russ came along, so Matt put down his cuppa and picked up his bat, three games later all at 11 - 8 each and Matt returned to his tea.

Leonardo 0 vs Armando 3

Leonardo is improving but he faced up to an on fire Armando the game scores of 5 - 11, 5 - 11, 8 - 11, kept Armando at the top of the tree.


Match Night 17/11/16

Div 1

Zibby 3 vs Pawel 1

Zibby collected 3 but only after Pawel took the opener. First match was a cracker with the advantage swinging one way and then the other, Pawel winning 12 - 10. Zibby picking up th next three to 7, 6, 7 good match from our Clubs new recruits.

Zibby 3 vs Thomas 1

For his second match of the evening Zibby took took on Tom Kinga and for the second time picked up a three  one victory, Zibby squeezed the first 2 both to 9 Tom then came back with a 6 - 11 but Zibby closed out a good performance by picking up the 4th 11 - 3.

Divi 2

Fresh from success in the Horsham Central League, John Jasper opened his account against Rahul B how ever his Horsham heroics were not to be repeated as he went down in three.

Rahul was now on a roll and he faced up to Max Barnes, Max fresh from a super trip down under was feeling one degree under as Rahul showed no mercy picking up the win in three straight.

Max now faced up to Morgan Rocha who is also competing in the HCL, Morgan is gaining in experience and Max still thinking of the attractions of Bondi Beach was distracted, and lost in three.

Div 3 

One match in Div 3 this week and what a cracker it tuned out to be, Leonardo took on Matt Beasley, this was Matts first match in the singles having only started to play a couple of months ago, Leonardo stormed into a two set lead with good wins to 8 and 7 but Matt refused to give up and fought back to win the next two games 11 - 8 and 12 - 10 all set for great finale with Leonardo clinching the match 11 - 7 in the 5th


Match Night 10/11/16

Div 1

Rob 3 vs Pawel 2

What an opener for the evening program Rob and Pawel  going head to head in a great singles match, super shots and good all round play from both players had the crowd on its feet Rob just squeezing home 11 - 9 in the 5th.

Thomas 3 vs Rob 2

Yet another 5 setter from two good players, Thomas proving a bit too strong in the final set with an 11 - 3 win.

David 3 vs Pat 1

A good contest here from two evenly matched players First game to Pat 11 - 9 but David clawed his way back and picked the next three 11 - 6, 12 - 10, 13 - 11

Pat 2 vs Rob 3

A good 4 setter was played out between two team mates with Rob winning in 4. Pat battled away but went down 9 - 11, 12 - 10, 3 - 11, 10 - 12, Pat was convinced that he was playing two people and that "Mr Edge" was against him.

Rob 3 vs David 1

Rob declared himself recovered in time to play yet again, this time against David, 4 packs of dextrosol and 20 Red Bulls later he collected a win in 4.

Pat 2 vs Pawel 3

Another 5 setter was played out with Pawel winning in 5 this was an excellent match to watch with the 3rd game, 12 - 14 to Pawel being a highlight.


Match Night 03/11/16

Div 3

New players Leonardo and Russ entered competition for the first time and Russ came out on top, the match was decide in 4 with an excellent battle for the fourth Russ just getting home 10 - 12.

Russ 0  vs Adam 3

Old stager Russ, well he has played 1, faced up to new super star Adam, both players were evenly matched by Adam collected the three points.

Armando 3 vs Adam 0

Well, it just goes to show, one minute your up and the next your down, Armando, with his new bat, showed no mercy to Adam, well that's about it really.

Armando 3 vs Russ 0

Armando was in full flow now and set about Russ collecting the three points with a 11 - 8, 11 - 6, 11 - 6 win

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