Crawley & Horsham District Table Tennis League


The League Committee – Constitutes one club representative for each league club. League meetings are open to all players and may be attended by more than one club representative – (required if a committee role is held.)

For the 2016/2017 Season Eight clubs are part of the League Committee: Blades TTC, Copthorne TTC, Crawley Community TTC, Crawley Sports TTC, Foresters TTC, Holbrook TTC, Horsham TTC, and Horsham Spinners TTC

Sub Committees are:

Registration Sub Committee, Disputes Sub Committee, Singles League Sub Committee, CHDTTL Closed Sub Committee,Handicap Sub Committee. The members of whom are either agreed in advance of the season by the League Committee or from time to time as required.


1. The League Committee shall administer the League or other competitions/leagues except where provision is made for a Sub-Committee to deal with specific matters.

2. The League shall be run annually on a divisional basis, teams being allocated to divisions by the Registrations Sub-Committee, whose decision on the number of divisions and the number and allocation of teams in each division shall be final.

3. At the end of the competition each year, promotion and relegation to the next divisions shall be decided by the Registrations Sub-Committee according to the size of the divisions unless rule 4 is applied.    

4. In the event of a club wishing any of their teams to compete in a division other than that in which they competed in the previous season, or to which they were promoted or relegated, application shall be made to the Registrations Sub-Committee stating the reason.


5. Only players registered with the League shall be eligible to compete, and such players must be Bona Fide members of an affiliated club. No player who is in arrears with a subscription to a club or a league in respect of a previous season shall be allowed to take part in the competition.

6. In exceptional circumstances a player may apply to transfer to a lower team than the one originally registered in. Permission must be obtained from the League Committee, and if granted the player will not be eligible to play up unless agreed by the League Committee.

7. A player may transfer to another club during the playing season, with the consent of both clubs, and the approval of the League Committee. Such a player may not play for the new club until notified that the transfer has been approved.

8. A registration fee, the amount of which shall be decided by the League Committee each year, shall be payable to the League for each registered player.

9. A player’s registration form shall be sent to the Registration Secretary and no player may take part in a match until the said Secretary has confirmed that registration.

10. New players may be registered up to the end of the 20th of November by submitting a request to the Registration Secretary. The Registration Secretary will review the submission, approve the player(s) as appropriate and advise what team the player will be registered for, in accordance with the rankings criteria.

The Registration Secretary shall co-opt selected members of the League committee and/or Club representatives to form a sub-committee to provide assistance when required. The sub-committee may decide it appropriate to restrict a registration in some circumstances.

After the 20th November new player registrations require the approval of the League Committee who will look into the requested registration to ensure it will not have an adverse effect on promotion or relegation. Players shall not be eligible to compete in a match unless and until that approval has been granted.


11. Each team entered in the League Competition shall consist of three or more players and shall be designated by the Club A,B,C etc in descending order of strength.

12. Each club shall provide to the Registration Secretary by the date stipulated by the League Committee a team list showing its players and the team for which each of them is nominated. For new players registered or transferred after that date, the team for which he is nominated must advise the League Committee at the time of registration. No other changes to the team list shall be permitted except with the express approval of the League Committee.

13. A player may not play for a lower team than that for which he is nominated, except with the express prior approval of the League Committee, to which application for permission, stating the reason shall be made.

14. A player may play for a higher team than that for which he/she is registered on a maximum of five occasions. On the 6th occasion he/she automatically becomes re-registered for the team played on the 6th occasion, and will not thereafter be able to play again that season for any other team.

For the Premier League,

A player may play for a higher team than that for which he / she is registered on a maximum of six occasions. On the 7th occasion he/she automatically becomes re- registered for the team played for on the 7th occasion and will not therefore be able to play again for any other team. 

15. Any club withdrawing any teams prior to the end of the season shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £10 per team.


16. All matches shall be played under Table Tennis England regulations and only approved three star balls shall be used.

17. The League committee will decide on the format for each division at the start of each season.  

18. Matches shall consist of ten sets of best of five games, except in the premier, where it will be 9 sets as there are no doubles unless otherwise agreed by the League Committee. Each member of one team playing each member of the other team over one set and one doubles set, (except for premier). The winner of a set shall be the first to win three games, for which one point will be scored, and all ten sets (unless otherwise agreed by the League Committee) in a match shall be played, except any conceded by the opposing team. The order in which the sets are played shall be that indicated on the Official Match Result Card, except when the match is played on two tables, in which case it will be played as listed below.

19. Matches shall commence at 7.30 pm except by mutual agreement between the team captains or secretaries of each club.

20. If a team be short of any players 15 minutes after the agreed starting time the opposing team shall be entitled to claim the points for all the sets, which the absent players would have played.

21. If both teams are short of one player 15 minutes after the agreed starting time, the match shall be postponed and played within 28 days but not beyond 14 days after the end of the season, unless both clubs agree to play the match with only two players each for only 5 points and concede the remaining 5 points. Both clubs shall immediately notify the appropriate Divisional Secretary of a postponement. If a club wishes to postpone a match beyond 28 days an official approach must be made to the Divisional Secretary. No postponements are allowed in the Premier, hence the match will be played for four points instead of nine, (Thus conceding 5 points)..

22. Any club playing an ineligible player may be subject to disciplinary action by the Disputes Sub-Committee and any points won by any such player shall be transferred to the opposing team. A player may not play for more than one team on any one day.

23. Each team member should umpire alternate sets. In the event of an objection to an umpire before the start of a set, another umpire shall be agreed between the two captains.

24. Prior to the commencement of a match, the home team captain shall complete the Official Match Result Card showing the respective orders of play and shall be responsible for sending it to the Divisional Secretary as soon as possible after the conclusion of the match. Failure to send a card may result in the match being declared void.

25. With the exception of fixtures scheduled for a public holiday, no match shall be postponed without the mutual agreement of both clubs and even then not beyond 28 days from the date specified on the fixture list, and not beyond fourteen days after the end of the season. The appropriate Divisional Secretary shall be advised immediately when a postponement is agreed and shall be provided with a re scheduled fixture date within 7 days of the postponement, and if a club wishes to postpone a match beyond 28 days an official approach must be made to the Divisional Secretary. Any clubs failing to notify the Divisional secretary of any postponement and re scheduled date will be liable to a fine of £5

26. Any club conceding a match shall be liable to a fine of £5 in respect of that match. In the case of matches declared void both clubs shall be liable to the £5 fine.

27. If at the end of the season there is a tie for the winner of a division, the winner will be decided by count-back firstly by matches won, then by matches lost, then by a play off.

28. The home side may elect to play the match on either one or two tables with the prior agreement of the opposing team.

29. Alterations to these rules may only be made in the same manner as alterations to the Constitution.

30. The Divisional Secretaries are to receive score cards within 14 days of the match being played. Failure to achieve this will result in the team being liable to a £5 fine.











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