Crawley Community Weekly Match Reports

Communities Premier write ups will be contained in the after match Premier reports. 

Singles League

We have now completed the first half, there are no matches on Thursday the 5th May due to the elections being held at K2. Our players are battling away but are encountering strong opposition. Aivars playing in Div 1 has P10, W2, L8, Rob playing in Div 2 has P13, W5, L8. Also in Div 2 Andy has P13, W1, L8 and Gary P13, W0, L13. The divisions will now be re calculated with 2 players promoted and relegated from each of the divisions, and will be uploaded shortly. The second half will begin on Thursday the 12th May at K2.

Closed Championships

Two Club players take home some silverware after a great Weekend's Championships. Barrie Gilbert winning the  over 55's and R/Up in the Veterans, and Rob Poplutz claiming the Division two title. Well done to our players and well done to the event organisers it takes a lot of effort to organise and run these things so Community would like to thank Maureen Hazell, Alison East, Dave & Kathy Edwards, Steve Pound who made the event such a success.

Singles League

We have 4 players in the Singles League Aivars Vigulis from our Div 1 team found the going tough  mind you he was up against  4 Premier Division players so P4 W0 L4 for Aivars. Rob Poplutz from one of our Div2 teams played well and picked up one win so P3, W1, L2 for Rob. Andy Couchman from our E team also won one so Andys stats are P3, W1, L2. Gary Jackson also from our E team struggled a bit  P4, W0 L4.

Div 2: Holbrook A 8 vs Community E 2

A short handed Community travelled to Holbrook and took on Craig Wellings, Brian Stevens and Andy Veitch, First match up was George vs Craig. Mr Wellings is a good player and, well put it this way, maintained his 100% record, however George managed to get past Brian and Andy. Gary Jackson went down in three to Craig but put up good show against Brian and Andy losing in 4 to both, Holbrook good in the doubles, although they did receive a shock losing the first game.

Div 2: Community D 9 vs Foresters I 1

Community said hello to Colin Hollamby, Julie Crozier and Fred Batten, and also collected 9, Full houses for Rob Poplutz, and George Gray, with Pat Smith collecting a double. George beat Fred 11 - 9 in the 5th bit lucky really, and Rob came back from 2 down against Julie. The doubles was a cracker with Rob and Pat squeezing past Julie and Fred 12 - 10 in the 5th 

Div 2: Community E 1 vs Crawley Sports E 9

Our E team hosted the formidable Sports E, and took a bit of a bashing. Andy Couchman, Mike Shadwell and Gary Jackson felt the full force with Hat tricks for Crawleys, Ashley Comper and John Major, Communities Mike Shadwell picking up the only point with a win against Paul Comper. Gary Jackson did not give up against Ashley going down 11 - 9 in the 5th.

Div 2: Foresters J 3 vs Community D 7

Pat Smith, Rob Poplutz and George Gray travelled to Hut 2 and said hello to Alan Hitchings, Phil Green and Trevor Duffy, They also collected 7 points with George picking up a treble, Rob supporting with a double after just squeezing past Phil Green 11 - 6 in the fifth. Pat Smith supported with one going down to Alan 11 - 4 in fifth, Trevor picking up one by getting past Pat in four. Phil Green out of sorts . Community strong enough in doubles getting through in five. 

Div 1: Blades C 7 vs Community C 3

A short handed Community faced up to the Champions and picked up three. However Blades trio of Richard Hazell, Erik Van Mol & Alice Hazell are a formidable outfit. Aivars & Nuno battled away with Aivars collecting a couple, Nuno put one into the kitty after a great 5 setter with Alice just squeezing through 16 - 14 in the 5th. Richard 3, Eric 2 and Alice 2. Blades collecting the doubles. That's the C teams season done and dusted.

Div 1: Community  C 6 Foresters H 4

Aivars, Nuno and Jim welcomed Russell Foreman, Colin Hollamby and Mike Daley, Nuno having a good season (60%) picked up a treble, Aivars (66%)supported with a double going down to Russell in three and squeezing past Mike in a 5 set thriller, Jim (47%) picking a single. Foresters strong enough in the doubles.

Div 2: Foresters I 9 vs Community E 1

Community E made up of George Gray, Gary Jackson and Mike Shadwell popped over to Foresters and said hello to Colin Hollamby, Dolly Gilbert and Fred Batten, and took a right biffing, However it was noticed that Freds new haircut was so dazzling that Community were mesmerised by it. Colin and Dolly both collected trebles, with Fred and his revamped Barnet collecting a couple, Foresters picking up the doubles in five, great fun night. 

Div 1: Community C 5 vs Blades E 5

Aivars Vigulis led the line with a well worked treble, JJim Skinner and Nuno Halpern chipping in with singles. Blades Simon Knivett and Alice Hazell both contributed a couple, Nick Caunter just fell short, going down in 4 to Jim and Nuno, Blades collecting the doubles in 4

Div 2: Community D 5 vs Holbrook A 5

Community hosted Holbrook and shared the points. Rob Poplutz continues to show good form and trousered a couple, old campaigner Pat Smith also put two into the kitty, Simon Lee supporting the team with a single. Great to see Mathew Eborn back on the table, with a vengence I might add as he whistled up a treble, Brian Stevens (1) and Andy Veitch (0) battled away, Holbrook to strong in the doubles.

Div 1: Horsham Spinners B 9 vs Community C 1

The super trio of Alan Stone, Tony Morris and Charlie Graham-Adams, ripped into Communities Nuno Halpern, Jim Skinner and Aivars Vigulis. Great trebles from Alan Stone and young Charlie who has improved hugely this season, Tony Morris supporting with a double. Nuno picking up Communities only point. Spinners collecting the doubles. 

Div 1: Community C 8 vs Crawley Sports C 2

Trebles for Nuno Halpern and Aivars Vigulis set the scene for this weeks match Rob Poplutz playing up from Div 2 collected a single. The two Johns Lee and Major pocketed one each but Howard Bostock did not trouble the scorers, Community too strong in the doubles

Div 2: Crawley Sports D 6 vs Community D 4

A terrific treble from Man Of The Match Simon Lee kept Community in the hunt David Annand posted a single but Mike Shadwell battling Man Flu, was out of sorts, Doubles for Oleh Buga and Mark Jones supported by a single from Dave Foster kept Sports ahead, victory was sealed with a good doubles win from Mark and Oleh.

Div 1: Blades D 5 vs Community D 5

Blades premier star in waiting, Richard Pelc, collected his customary 3, Liam Cuffe trousered a couple but went down in 5 to Aivars, Nick Caunter not troubling the scorers. Community too strong in the doubles. Aivars 2 Nuno 1 Dave Bond 1

Handicap: Crawley Sports D 343 vs Community D 327

Oleh Buga, Mark Jones and Dave Foster squeezed home in this thriller of a Handicap, Oleh racking up 124 Mark 121 and Dave 98. Rob Poplutz 113, Pat Smith 113, and Simon Lee 101, gave it their all but just fell short no handicap points awarded for either team.

Div 1: Community C 5 vs Foresters F 5

Two evenly matched teams battled for the points and both shared the spoils. Community struck first with a good win in 4 from Nuno Halpern over Alison East, Bob Hoare evened things up by seeing off Jim Skinner in three and Aivars was too strong for Matt Caddy. Fast forward and Alison collected a single courtesy of Jim, Bob and Matt both collected a couple. Aivars was Communities star man with a great treble. Community strong enough in the doubles.

Div 2: Community D 10 vs Crawley Sports F 0

Community tore into Crawley and recorded a maximum. David Annand (3) Rop Popluz (3) and Pat Smith (3) did the business on Mike Brooks Hilary Robson and John Romaine, Community in 3rd place witb Crawley in trouble.

Div 2: Community E 3 vs Foresters J 7

Foresters travelled from the Huts and left with 7 points, Alan Hitchings picking up 3 and improving his  impressive average of (60%) Jane battled away womanfully but did not trouble the scorers, however Phil Green must have left the match exhausted his three games all went to 5 11 - 4 against Gary Jackson, 11 - 8 against Mike Shadwell, and 11 - 9 against Anthony Hicks. Phil and Alan picking up the doubles. Foresters in 7th with Community in 8th.

Div 1: Copthorne B 8 vs Community C 2

A shorthanded Community faced up to a Copthorne team bolstered by the return of Steve "Superstar" Simpson. Aivars Viugulis and Nuno Halpern tried to stem the flow but a win in 5 by Steve over Nuno set the scene, Aivars was comfortable against Bob Sumpter winning in three. and Nuno beat the evergreen Maggie Smih also in three but that was about it. Two for Steve one each for Bob and Maggie, Mr Forfeit picking up his customary three, Copthorne taking the doubles in three.

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