Singles League 2015 Update

Singles League 2015

2nd Half Schedules Uploaded

The second half of the Singles League has now been uploaded will all players please check their playing schedules, if any player cannot make a match date please let Maureen know as soon as you can.

1st Half Completed

The third round match scores have now been input, the tournament is now at the half way stage and second half promotion and relegation places decided. Organisers will now consider feedback and prepare the playing schedules for the second half. Approx time table for this is:

CHDTTL meeting Wednesday 6th May

1st half archived over W/E 9/10th May

2nd half schedules created Monday 11th May

General Update

Organisers have followed up on player feedback re the scoring and a new scoring platform based on matches won has now been implemented.

Half time is this Thursday the 30th April Promotion & Relegation will be decided, Gulp !!!!!!!! new playing schedules will be created for the second half which starts on Thursday the 14th May. No play on Thursday the 7th May because K2 is being used for the election count.

Please check the schedules and if you require a reserve let Maureen know as soon as you can.

Playing Arrangements & Table Layout

Each division will have three tables allocated to it, all tables will be numbered, there will be three score sheets plus a master score sheet, please use the score sheets for the individual matches and update the master sheet accordingly. Please return the score sheets and the master score sheet to the control desk at the end of play. The results will be input into TT365 as soon as possible. We will be using the new plastic balls for this tournament and will be issuing clipboards and pencils please return the clipboards and pencils at the end of play.

We have booked 4 badminton courts and the layout will be 6 tables on either side with a central corridor for access, we have the booking from 7.00pm so if players can get there at that time there will be warm up opportunities also you can help to set the tables !!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven't done so already please check the reserve player procedure below.

Reserve Player Procedure

Maureen Hazell is the reserve player co-ordinator, Maureens Email is:


All main players to look at the first three week schedule and check their availabilty 

If the main player is unavailable then the first step is for that player to try and get a reserve to play for them, the reserve must have a lower or equal handicap to the main player, when/if a reserve has been identified then the main player must notify Maureen re the name of the reserve player, prior to the match.


If the main player is unavailable and cannot get a reserve then contact Maureen as soon as possible, Maureen will then go to the reserve pool and try to get a reserve for you.



1st half Thursday 16th April then Thursdays the 23rd and 30th April, No matches 7th May due to election count at K2.

2nd Half taking into account promotion and relegation Thursday the 14th 21st & 28th May

To see the divisional schedules and to filter out your own personal schedules go to Singles 2015, select fixtures, click the appropriate division, to select your personal schedule, click simple, scroll down to filter by team then click your name. 

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