The County Closed competition will take place on the 10th and 11th November 2018. To encourage as many players as possible, if the number of entries are suitable, I will make every effort to run a consolation singles competition so that as much Table Tennis can take place as possible for a larger number of people.

This year, we are also limiting entries to the Veteran events so that the over 55's can either enter the Over 55's competition or the Over 40's competition. You cannot enter both competitions. This should also speed up the events during the days's play.

The entry form for the 2018 County Closed can be downloaded by selecting the link below. 

If you have issues reading the word version. I have also included a PDF version.

County Closed TT2018.pdf

County Closed TT2018.docx

Please also note, that all entrants must have a valid TTE membership and also affiliated to Cornwall to enter this event.



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