Name – Sam Henderson

Nick Names –              Cockney Boy.

Style of play –  Block and counter hit , both sides , and top spin.    

Blade –  Donic Senso , Persson Power Play              

Rubber/s –       Donic Acuda S1 ( forehand ) Donic Coppa Tragora 

How old were you when you first played TT – 13.

Education - studying at Leicester University.

How did you start & where –             At school when my twin sister came home boasting how good she was , so I joined to beat her.

Who have been your coaches – Ian Scott , Ed Lynn , Ian Ferguson Kate Hughes , Ron and Nigel Anson , Helen Lower , Adrian Pilgrim.

Current coach – None. 

Current clubs – Colebridge ( playing for the Pasties in both the Bromsgrove League and The Stratford-upon-Avon League  )

Previous clubs – Maypole TTC

What is your greatest TT success – Reaching National Schools last 16 after beating England number 3 cadet in my group.

What is your greatest TT disappointment:  Every time I lose after being two sets up.


What players do you most admire              

Locally –  Amit Ubhi , brilliant at analysing his game , and a very modest and underrated player.

Nationally – Liam Pitchford , worked hard at his game , and came through the ranks.

Internationally – Ma Long , technically perfect and the quickest player in the sport.

What is your favourite;

 Food/Drink: Moms' cottage pie and Dr. Pepper ( a disgusting concoction of no nutritional value , bit like Marmite ? - Ed. ) 

Film/Actor – Avengers Assembly and Robert Downey Jr.

Music/Song – anything on Capital

Holiday Destination? Dubai

What other sports do you enjoy? Cricket and Golf.

What is your TT ambition ?

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