Name -                                                            Steve Taylor   

Nick Names –                                                            

Style of play –                                     Defender

Blade –                                                Joola Flame

Rubber/s –                                           Tackiness C, both sides

How old were you when you first played TT –          11

How did you start & where –                         Played at the local tennis club with my dad & brother

Who have been your coaches –           Tony Peseto (Brent), Paul Tarrant (Hertfordshire),

Current coach –                                   Ferg

Current clubs –                                    Colebridge Dinosaurs

Previous clubs –                                  Barnet Tigers, Colebridge Lions

What is your greatest TT success -      Hertfordshire County Junior Champion umpteen years ago

What is your greatest TT disappointment:      Losing deuce in the decider in the final of the London Youth Games

What players do you most admire              

Locally –                                             Mike Standen (always nice, even when he’s losing)

Nationally –                                        Matthew Syed. Darius Knight (but only because he thrashed me when he was 10 and I was 16)

Internationally –                                  Honestly don’t know any current players

What is your favourite;

 Food/Drink:                                       Steak, chips & proper beer (Marstons Pedigree, Adnams Broadside etc.)

Film/Actor –                                        Usual Suspects, Kevin Spacey

Music/Song –                                      The Liberty of Norton Folgate, Madness / Now that’s what I like, Chas ‘n’ Dave

Holiday Destination?                         Aqaba, Jordan

What other sports do you enjoy?        Football & squash when given the chance.

What is your TT ambition?                 To see my daughters play better than I do

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