Disability Training Days - Report


Table Tennis for full inclusion a definite success

On the 18Th and 25Th of April, two disability training/open days took place at Colebridge Table Tennis Club in Shirley, Solihull.

We now have 15 more players on our radar and thanks to these inspiring days, many more have since found out about Colebridge Table Tennis Club.

A friendly and welcoming atmosphere , which was enjoyed by all who attended.

As a result of the two training days, we now have enough interest to set up a weekly session. This will be starting very soon.


Our President, Lorely Burt, MP, shows her support for the training days and takes photos for the press. She also enthusiastically has a go on the robot and shows us she can hit a ball or two.


Further support from our senior club members: John Overton, Neil Wheatley, Inky Moss and Ian Scott, to mention a few, which was greatly appreciated by all.

The No. 2 in the UK - Class 5, Lee Wilkinson said “Amazing days. So homely and just exactly what this sport needs; people wanting to be a part of something that could be really great!”

Other young leaders offered their support too, Sam Henderson and Jamie Fellows.

Craig Allen, top 25 Disability player in England, shows the new recruits how it’s done.

Solihull Council’s Laura Hart offers to help the club with improved toilet facilities for wheelchair users. This is a much needed aid to enable us to offer full inclusion.

The enormous enthusiasm from parents and students alike on day one, ensured that day two was an even greater success.


A special thank you to:   Colebridge Table Tennis Club and also the ETTA for their additional support. Many thanks also to Bernard Oliver for the invaluable loan of his robot.

The Team

Students were coached on both day’s by leading coaches Edward Lynn, Ian Scott and Neil Wheatley.

Final Note

Ed Lynn - "Targets and games were used to aid students. We looked closely at technique, as well as many other areas. A robot provided a huge amount of fun for most participants, whilst others simply enjoyed the challenge of trying to ‘thrash’ other players. The days did involve serious coaching, but more importantly, a means for people to come together and feel good about what we achieved and what we can hope to achieve in the future."

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